Yoga poses for stress

Humans face a lot of feelings. Humans come across a variety of emotions in his or her everyday routine life. Happiness, sadness, angry, calm, relaxed, irritated, and most importantly stress. Every human has some responsibility. Every human needs to meet expectations. Every human needs to achieve some goal whether it is too big or too small. Every human has to complete his every day to day works and routine properly. Every human has his or her own needs and desires. When any one of these stays in dilemma, stress arises which results in both physical and mental illness. So we need to handle that stress in the best way. Yoga poses are the best way to relieve stress and to be normal. Let’s see about yoga poses for stress here.


Stress is a feeling that comes as a result of emotional tension. It is a common feeling experienced by every human being. But no one likes the feeling of stress. Hence they are needed for something which relieves them from it. Stress is an unmanageable feeling. It is felt when one feels overwhelmed with tensions. It is something that can’t be coped up. It is a feeling when one loses his or her control and in need of taking control. It feels like frustrated, agitated, or moody. It is a feeling when one can’t quite his or her mind. It is when one can’t be a calm and relaxed state. Mostly, stress is something felt by one’s perception of the situation around them.

Causes of stress:

There were multiple reasons for stress. Stress is caused by certain circumstances like worrying deeply about something when one faces big or sudden change when one feels like under a lot of pressure, at uncertain times, and even when one has no work or enough work to do. It is caused by various reasons like unemployment for a long time, retiring from a job, entering into the new job, money issues like debt and poverty, homelessness, lack of security facing health issues for a long period, uneasy lifestyle, fights, or quarrels with friends, family, and even strangers. Similarly, there are ample reasons for everyone to feel stressed.

Effects of stress:

Stress causes a lot of negative impacts physically, physiologically, and mentally. It makes a lot of changes in body, behaviour, and mood. Some of the physical ill effects caused by stress are headache, lack of sleep, muscle pain, chest pain, stomach upset, sex drive changes, overeating, under-eating, and even heart attack if not managed properly. Aside from physical effects, the major effects of stress are mental and physiological effects which are more critical than physical ill effects. Sometimes addiction to alcohol or smoking can be resulted out of anxiety and depression. These were caused when stress is not managed or controlled properly. One must not allow his or her stress level to reach these critical stages.

Yoga for stress-relief:

Yoga is a one-step solution for every issue we have regarding our bodies. It cures not only physical disorders but also mental disorders too. It helps to attain inner peace. It makes us feel calm and relaxed which is much needed for persons who are in stress. Yoga offers immense internal analysis and helps us to treat it accurately. Hence one must follow yoga poses for stress relief. Yoga is a body and mind practice. It connects the body and mind by poses, meditation, and by its unique breathing techniques. Yoga helps in handling stress, reducing blood pressure, and to make us feel comfortable in our every day to day living.

Yoga poses for stress:

Yoga poses help in acquiring a certain grip in the body along with concentration and perfection. The yoga poses for stress relief helps one to handle and manage stress in a better way. Here is a list of yoga poses for stress with steps.

Easy pose:

Sit as usual comfortably. Keep your hands on knees with your palms touching your knees. Take deep breaths and repeat.

Happy baby pose:

Lie down flat on the floor. Raise your legs towards the sky and front-facing the face like thighs and legs are right angle to each other. Hold the right toes with right-hand fingers and left toes with left-hand fingers. Hold this position firmly.

Child pose:

Kneel and sit on your foot. Bend front with your stomach touching your knees and head touching your floor. You should keep your hands on the floor with palms facing the sky. Take deep breaths and repeat.

Hand – knee forward bend pose:

Sit with your legs extended straight in front. Bend your left leg and make the left foot to touch the right knee. Then slowly bend down. Keep your hands on the floor like the right leg is placed between both hands. Take deep breaths and continue with the other leg.

Bridge pose:

Start from lying pose. Bend your legs so that knees are right angle to under legs. Raise your body slowly. Hold your right leg with the right hand and left leg with the left hand. Hold this position firmly.

Boat pose:

Lie down flat on the floor. Raise your legs and make it wider. Slowly raise your body and make your hands extend forward widely towards the legs. Hold this position firmly.

Cat – cow pose:

Bend forward and place your palms with a certain distance between them on the floor. Slowly bend your spine inwards and then slowly bend your spine outwards. Take deep breaths and repeat.

Standing forward bend pose:

Stand straight. Slowly bend front. Place your palms on the floor in a straight angle to your foot. Lower your head also. Hold this position firmly.

Dolphin pose:

Stand straight. Bend forward and place your hands on the floor with maximizing the distance between your hands and foot as you can. Place your forearms on the floor and lower your head. Hold this position firmly

Lion pose:

Sit in an easy pose comfortably. Extend your hands placing them on knees. Keep your fore fingertip and thumb fingertip touches each other. Make other fingers stay straight. Don’t bend your hands and keep it straight. Close your eyes and take deep breaths.

Eagle pose:

Stand straight. The balance should rest on your right feet. Place your left thigh over right and hook up the right leg by left. Similarly, extend your hands front. Lower your left hand and hook up the right by left. Try seeing the thumbs. Hold this position firmly and repeat it on another side.

Supported shoulder stand:

Lie down flat on the floor. Raise your legs straight with no gaps between them. Slowly raise your hip region also. Make the lower body portion stay straight facing the sky. Keep your hands on the hip to support. Hold this position firmly.

Puppy pose:

Bend forward slowly. Extend your hands front with your face and the chest portion touches the floor. Take deep breaths. Hold this position firmly.

Leg up the wall pose:

Sit on the wall with your hip region touching the wall and upper body touching the floor. Extend your legs straight on the wall with no or minimum gap between each other. Extend each hand on its sides like both makes a straight angle to each other. Hold this position firmly

Plow pose:

Lie down flat on the floor. Raise your legs and make it move towards the upside of the head. Raise your hip region and chest region also. Make your body part and floor right angle to each other. Place your legs on the floor with toes touching the floor. Extend your hands on both sides straight the direction of which is opposite to the direction of legs.

Corpse pose:

Start in lying pose. Keep your legs free and hands-on floor widely. Keep no parts touching each other. Close your eyes and concentrate on each part. Relax and take deep breaths.

Extended triangle pose:

Stand straight. You should wider your legs as much as possible. Keep your right foot towards the front. Turn your left leg towards the left. Bend the body leftwards and hold the left leg with the left hand. Raise your right hand towards the sky. Twist your body leftwards slowly. Hold this position firmly and repeat the same on another side.

Big toe pose:

Stand straight with no gap or minimum gap between your feet. Slowly bend down and hold your left toes with left-hand fingers and right toes with right-hand fingers. Hold this position firmly

Yoga poses for stress – Conclusions:

Nearly 74 % of women and 80 % of men are under stress in his or her day to day activity. To avoid such statistics, we need to have a better healthy physical state and mental well being. This yoga poses for stress relief will help everyone to make their life peaceful and happy. It’s advisable to do yoga on yoga mats to avoid injuries and to be comfortable during physical exercises. Along with poses, one must concentrate on breathing techniques also to have the best results. Let us lead a healthy and peaceful life by following the daily practice of yoga in our daily routine life.