Yoga for High Blood Pressure

When most people think about the word ‘yoga’, the hard position that appears in the front cover of the magazine appears in their mind. But actually, yoga can be started with some simple sitting asanas. Yoga can be practiced in a day-to-day routine that can help the physical fitness of an individual. Yoga can help in anti-aging. Yoga helps to stay fit, young, and healthy. In ancient times, the rituals of yoga were kept as secret. In the growing world, yoga is considered a therapy to solve many health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, etc. While all benefits of yoga can be stated as true. But the people are unaware of the fact that yoga’s important benefit is to control the fluctuations of thoughts in the mind. However, yoga is the best therapy for High Blood Pressure and heart problems. If yoga asanas are practiced correctly it can be effective within a short period.

What do you mean by high blood pressure or Hypertension?

After the age of 45-50 years of age, commonly all people face problems like high blood pressure. High blood pressure is also called hypertension. High blood pressure mainly doesn’t show any symptoms as such. However, with no symptoms also it can damage the organs of the body like eyes, kidney, hear, etc, and can fully damage blood vessels. But high blood pressure comes into the picture when the blood vessels of the body increase over the limit. High Blood pressure normally takes several years to develop thoroughly. When an individual counts the blood pressure, the volume passing through blood vessels, and the total resistance applied to the flowing blood when the heart is pumping is taken into consideration. The narrower the artery the more will resistance provided to the blood. That will result in higher blood pressure.

The high blood pressure if detected earlier it can be easier for the treatment. The people facing the problem of high blood pressure readings must be taken regularly to check the blood pressure levels are not elevated.

There are two types of High Blood Pressure:

1. Primary Hypertension:

Most people around the globe face this type of hypertension. This type of high blood pressure comes with no root cause. Many researchers are going on that why in this type of high blood pressure increases slowly. The researchers have assumed that some of the factors may be a cause of high blood pressure:


In some people genes also affect. The gene mutation or abnormalities that are inherited by parents, grandparents, or ancestors are genetically predisposed to high blood pressure.

Physical changes:

If something changes in occur in the body sometimes the body organs are also affected in a way. High blood pressure also may affect such away. Lifestyle changes affect the whole body system. For example, if the kidney is affected then the whole body’s cycle is affected because the kidney is responsible for the balance of salt and other fluids. These changes may also tend to increase blood pressure slowly.


Lack of poor exercise and poor diet shows an unhealthy lifestyle. And this change in lifestyle can affect the weight of the body. Overweight related to obesity enhances the chance of high blood pressure.

Treatment of primary hypertension:

Changing a few lifestyle habits can be effective to treat primary hypertension. Proper exercise and a healthy diet can treat primary hypertension in a good manner.

2. Secondary Hypertension:

As compared to primary hypertension, secondary Hypertension may happen very quickly in a short period. And secondary hypertension is more serious than primary hypertension.

a. Several factors that can cause secondary hypertension are:

b. Kidney stones or Kidney failure

c. Obstruction in sleep in the night

d. Severe heart diseases.

e. Thyroid side effects

f. Consumption of strong illegal drugs

g. Consumption of more alcohol

h. Certain tumors

i. Problems related to the adrenal gland

Treatment of secondary hypertension:

Some medications can affect the body cycle and lead to high blood pressure. So stopping those medications or using medicine with no side effects may help.

But Why: Only Yoga for High Blood Pressure?

Yoga asanas mainly involve breathing continuously in and out deeply and focusing on all the body movements that are happening.

Yoga asanas have the ability that makes all nerves more stable and therefore it can correct the abnormal blood pressure in the body.

Yoga asanas tend to increase immunity at a great level and through practicing yoga asanas regularly the problems related to heart decrease gradually.

Yoga helps to correct the irregular sleeping habits or insomnia. Due to irregular sleeping habits people face problems like stress and hypertension.

Overweight or obesity is the main reason for high blood pressure. But practicing yoga asanas regularly and having a proper meal can correct the problems of overweight.

This all the things concluded that yoga asanas are beneficial for physical health. But certain yoga asanas help to improve mental health and bring positivity that helps the people to be happier than usual.

So practicing yoga asanas can help people to cure the problem such as hypertension or high blood pressure.

Which type of yoga asanas is beneficial for high blood pressure?

Following yoga asanas can help people to fight with problems such as high blood pressure or Hypertension:


This is a very simple yoga Asana that focuses on breathing activity. And so contributes to controlling blood pressure.

Bhastrika Pranayama:

This yoga Asana is effective as it helps in the transportation of oxygen in all parts of the body. This increases the blood circulation and thus helps in high blood pressure.

Kapal Bhati Pranayama:

It reduces the fats in the belly area and helps in maintaining the weight.

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama:

This yoga asana is very powerful and helps in removing blockages from arteries. And yoga asanas are very beneficial for high blood pressure.


This yoga asanas normally relieves stress, anxiety, and problems related to fatigue. It helps to improve sleeping habits. That tends to lower the risk of high blood pressure.


This asana or pose can be done after lunch or dinner also. This asana helps to control obesity or over weight-related problems. This tends to help and cure hypertension or high blood pressure related problems.


This asana is very effective asana. It helps to reduce the deposits of fats in the abdominal region that enables weight loss.

This asana also helps to overcome stress, anxiety, etc which gradually helps to improve blood pressure.


This asana is done in the last of all asanas. This is a type of relaxing asana and produces sound sleep. It also reduces and relieves stress, depression, anxiety, etc. It also contributes to stimulating the blood circulation of the body. This is also called Yoga Nidra.


This asana plays a major role to unite the body and the mind. It makes the body more balanced and the mind more joyful. So it tends to improve hypertension or high blood pressure.


Practicing these asana helps to improve the blood circulation near the legs and the upper thighs. So it is beneficial for hypertension.

Ardha Halasana:

This asana helps to reduce the fats near the thighs, abdomen, and hips. And eventually controls the problem of obesity and contributes to improving the blood circulation.

Precautions that need to be taken during practicing yoga asanas:

For achieving the best results of the yoga asanas, yoga asanas need to be practiced in a peaceful environment in the fresh air.

Yoga asanas should be practiced early in the morning or in the evening with an empty stomach. Yoga asanas should be practiced at least four consecutive hours of having a meal.

After completing yoga asanas exercises like running, swimming, jumping, cycling should be avoided for at least 20 minutes.

Doing yoga asanas is not only enough to live a healthy life an individual should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. You should add vegetables, salads, and fibers in the diet regularly.

In some yoga asanas the body needs to be stretched for a while. Therefore, yoga asanas should be done on a clean mat or rug to avoid falling away and slipping.

Hard drinks like alcohol should be completely avoided.

While performing yoga asanas all the moves should be done according to the instructions provided by the instructor.

If any posture is difficult for you to do then never overstretch or overstrain and force yourself while performing yoga asanas. You should skip that asana and try doing another.

If you feel pain while doing yoga asanas, you should stop immediately.

Do always perform yoga asanas in proper order or sequence.


The effectiveness of yoga is mostly dependent upon the punctuality and how much accuracy is there in yoga asanas. For improvement in blood circulation and processing stability of mind, yoga plays a great role. High blood pressure can be cured through yoga with no medication. But for that yoga asanas must be done in proper guidance. With regular yoga asanas, the proper healthy diet is also important. Yoga cures the blood pressure in a natural way, with no side effects. That leads to a healthy lifestyle.