Yoga for hangover

Waking up with the hangover allows you to rank up with having a nasty stomach or even a tooth extraction. But it can be quite painful and unpleasant for you. Many medicines can help you with the hangover, but if you choose to perform yoga to ease out of the hangover, it will be an excellent option. As it just involves posing in various postures and helping yourself with the best of the circumstances.

The best part of yoga for hangover

is it will help you feel best about your body and allow you to be healthy again.

Let’s know about poses that can help you in curing your hangover:

  1. Dancer Pose or Natarajasana:

This pose is symbolic to Lord Shiva, the god known for destruction, cosmic dancer, cleansing, transformation, and regeneration. There are many mental and physical benefits attached to the pose and are inclusive of enhancing the digestive system’s efficiency, maintaining the balance of the nervous system, improving concentration and clarity, and generating vitality.

The asana is the perfect combination of movement and structure, and it also symbolizes the graceful dance of Lord Nataraja. It can help you make you healthy and open your body and mind, allowing them to possess power and grace. Also known to be a deep backend, and while you bend, the body balances itself on one leg. On performing the pose successfully, you attain a sense of calm and peace.

  1. Tree pose or Vrksasana:

The pose replicates the steady and graceful stance of the tree. Unlike other yoga poses, the tree pose also seeks the requirement of keeping your eyes open to maintain body balance. The yoga allows the user to make use of his leg muscles and hold his balance. If you seek relaxation in your hangover, do know at times it can lead to vertigo, light-headedness, and this pose is known to allow you to have concentration and steady focus physically and mentally. The development of the nervous system and mind equilibrium is achieved.

Few benefits attached with the tree pose:

  • Stretching the arms, legs, and back posture leaves you in a rejuvenating state.
  • Bring equilibrium and balance to your mind.
  • Helps people suffering from the Sciatica disease
  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana

Alcohol is known for creating havoc to your body, and this pose is known for helping you with the various after-effects and other symptoms brought by hangovers. The pose energizes and stretches the spine to clean the internal organs and improve the digestive system for eliminating wastes. It can stimulate the spleen, kidney, liver, lungs, and heart and release excess toxins and heal from the internal organs. Any symptoms of fatigue and backache are also relieved.

The pose is named after Matsyendranath yogi. The name is also taken from the famous Sanskrit word, also known as Indra means king; Ardha means “half,” and Matsya means fish, and asana means pose. Also called as Vakrasana, it symbolizes twisted pose. The pose projects lots of variation and is a seated spinal twist.

  1. Cat pose or Marjaryasana:

The cat pose tends to provide spinal tensions allowing to look for relief in hangover headaches. The posture tends to have unique benefits in blood purification and regulates blood flow all over the body. Marjaryasana is a combination of many poses strengthening your shoulders, legs, arms, and spine. Known to be one of the best exercises to provide relief in mind-body stress and keep you at optimum wellness. The pose is best for improving your digestion process, blood circulation, oxygen, and metabolism. The core aim of performing the asana is to reduce lousy fat and allow you to be healthy and fit.

  1. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

The reinvigorating pose allows the lungs and chest to be opened, allowing the critical air exchange and tends to purify the blood draining from internal organs. Sciatica, fatigue, and depression can be overcome through this yoga pose. Headaches due to back and neck muscles are alleviated. The body’s complete posture will be improved and is said to be highly effective in getting rid of steady hangovers.

  1. Cow pose and Bitilasana:

The asana brings out its name from Batila, a Sanskrit word, also known as a cow. The pose is named Bitilasana because of its posture resembling the body’s position as a cow. The asana is practiced with the combination of cat pose.

Key benefits with the Cow pose are:

  • The asana allows you to stretch your neck and torso front parts
  • It helps in massaging the internal organs and regulates the blood vessels.
  • Also known as a stress reliever
  • Practiced as a spinal movement, it relieves the stress from the spine and tones it. It also reduces back pains and can help in curing Sciatica.
  1. Ardha Uttanasana

Also called as Standing half forward bend pose is known as Ardha Uttanasana in Sanskrit. It is a type of Vinyasa yoga style and is also one of the intermediate poses in the path of Sun Salvation. The yoga pose can be used to enhance the spinal cord flexibility and strengthen the body muscles in your hips, core, calves, hamstrings, lower and upper back. This asana can be practiced anywhere and anytime and is an active warm-up posture.

The pose is perfect in stretching your muscles and will allow you to feel achy in your hangover. It quotes and calms your mind and can induce sleep while regulating blood pressure and can also help in diminishing anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and stomach pain.

  1. Janu Sirsasana:

The posture calms the mind as the shoulder and spine are stretched out while performing. Yoga for Hangover causes relief in anxiety and headaches while the kidneys and liver are cleansed and stimulated. Nowadays, hypertension is prevalent, and the medication is given to keep it under control from any risk of side effects. The asana works in various parts of the body and lowers hypertension.

The asana improves digestion and also stimulates the abdominal organs. The massaging action of the asana can reduce abdominal pain. If you are suffering from menstrual cramps, then this particular yoga is recommended to give it a try. The pose can help in alleviating the asthma symptoms of insomnia, asthma, and headache. Asana also has many positive effects on people suffering from osteoporosis, infertility, and sinusitis.

  1. Child’s pose and Balasana:

Child’s pose is a calming and restorative pose that rejuvenates and relaxes the body. Stretching various back muscles relaxes the spinal cord. Bring relief in the neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Knees are also found to be loosened and spread, and even the muscles, tendons, and other joints are healed and become ready for functioning correctly. The posture resembles the fetal positions and also provides emotional solace for the well being.

The gravitational pull for this pose is said to be imparting a sense of the beautiful mental, physical and emotional relief. Anxiety and stress are known to be alleviated, and the mind is kept calm while performing the pose. Balasana promotes steady and robust breathing and can improve the circulation of blood throughout the body.

  1. Supta Matsyendrasana

Known to be regenerative pose the Supta Matsyendrasana can help hydrate the spinal disc while realigning, lengthening, and relaxing the spine. The abdominal organs can be massaged while promoting the removal of toxins. The pose allows the individual to twist their body by encouraging the blood flow through the digestive organs and improving the digestive system’s health. Is stress therapeutic and is quite useful in hangovers.

  1. Boat pose or Navasana:

Hangovers can mess up with the physical and mental aspects of your body. The poses can test your abdominal strengths and enhance digestion and balance. The thyroid, intestines, prostate gland and kidneys are stimulated and can kick start the metabolism and the detoxification process for you.

Naukasana word is made up of two Sanskrit words meaning Nauka as a boat and asana mean seta or posture. Helps in toning your arm and leg muscles and is useful for people suffering from a hernia. It is a type of position in which the body takes the boat shape. If you have fat around your stomach, this posture can help reduce belly fat and toning up your abs.

  1. Apanasana:

This posture is known best for providing relief in hangovers. Practicing the Apanasana will allow you to improve your colon function and is an effective remedy for abdominal uneasiness and bloating. The name Apanasana is made from a Sanskrit word called “downward flowing life force.” Apans emphasizes the outward and elimination processes from the body. Toxins elimination and draining the impurities through the liver and kidneys can occur if this pose is practiced regularly.

Recovery can also be enhanced by drinking fresh juices, water, and various other non-caffeinated beverages to bring calmness and stop head-pounding oblivion. These yoga poses will improve your concentration, and you will feel a lot relaxed after performing them.