Yoga For Everyone: A Convenient Exercise!


The word “Yoga” ( Yoga For Everyone ) has derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which represents the meaning- “to join” or “to unite”. It indicates a perfect harmony between mind and body as well as human and nature. People believe that this practice has been started with the very beginning of civilization. People from the Indian subcontinent are known as the first ones to start practicing this exercise. Mainly the aim of adopting yoga exercise is to overcome all obstacles that appear on the way of being independent of all walks of life.

Yoga for everyone ?

We all know that yoga is an ancient practice that connects the mind, body, and spirit through different body poses, controlled breathing, and meditation. This art of practicing such exercises had been protected and nurtured by the renowned yoga masters for years. But, over the past several years, it has reached the popularity and experienced the highest amount of recognition around the world among medical professionals and celebrities alike.

Yoga For Everyone is a combination of gentle, calming, and cool natured exercise. People of all ages can practice this exercise both inside or outside the home. It does not need many arrangements. It’s simple but effective. Also, it is inexpensive, in fact, cost-free. Like a gym or other fitness centers, yoga exercise does not require any specific or expensive types of equipment. Because it is based on different style of body movements and each pose is flexible once you get used to it. Since this exercise is modest, almost everyone can do it, regardless of their age or fitness level.

Now, you can question- “Why to do yoga”, right? It’s because WHY NOT?

Yoga For Everyone – How to start?

Are you thinking of trying Yoga for the first time? Well, this an excellent idea indeed. You may think about how to start it, right? Well, nothing to worry at all!

First of all, do not get afraid of Yoga exercises. Trust me, you are going to enjoy it. So, don’t drawback. Stick to your decision.

Secondly, do some research on this. In this case, you have multiple options. You can join yoga classes, buy instruction books or DVDs, search for online guidelines, and many more.

Thirdly, start with simple exercises. You may not be able to practice all the poses on your first day. So, better to begin with the easiest one. Day by day, your body will be more flexible, and you can do the other poses later on.

That is it! You may talk to an instructor. Besides encouraging you to focus on positive images to calm your body and mind, the guide can also help you to emphasize breathing, concentration, and smooth movement.

The practice of yoga exercise has many health benefits associated with it. Now, will talk about some benefits that will make you rethink and understand about the deep meaning of title of this article – “Yoga is for everyone: A Convenient Exercise!”.

a) Physical Health Benefits

Now, facts I am going to share with you will surprise you for sure. Trust me, once you get to know the advantages of practicing yoga regularly, you can’t stop you from doing this daily. Here, we will discuss the physical benefits into two parts- Inside body benefits and Outside body benefits.

Inside body benefits

1) Pulse rate:

Regularly practicing yoga exercise can make the pulse rate slower. It ensures your heart is powerful enough to pump more blood with fewer beats.

2) Metabolism:

Maintaining good health is a dream for everyone. Having a balanced metabolism can make you lose weight. It also controls excessive hunger. Yoga is here to achieve the goal.

3) Blood pressure:

We all know the impacts of hypertension on our bodies. We often take medicines to have control over the blood pressure. But, chemical medicines may have side effects. How about doing yoga? Yes! Yoga practice can improve blood circulation by transporting oxygen throughout our body. And, this decreases the blood pressure.

4) Good heart:

Yoga practices help increase the Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Alongside the lower blood pressure, practicing yoga also reduces blood cholesterol. A study has shown that slow-paced yoga classes twice a week can reduce the frequency of atrial fibrillation functions in patients with that condition. Practicing some specific yoga poses regularly, you can keep your heart healthier and help you live a risk-free happier life.

5) Immunity: Yoga practice can play a great role in boosting the immune system of your body high. Yoga can also help us fight infections by reducing stress, and strengthening our body’s functions. Practicing some particular poses helps to release the white blood cells that improve the immune system a lot.

Outside body benefits

1) Strength:

As yoga is a slow process, you don’t have to push your body a lot. But, you have to hold your body on the same pose for a long time. It surely helps to increase the strength of your body.

2) Weight:

Yoga is mostly getting attention to people for maintaining a balanced weight. People of any age can regain their desired healthy weight by practicing yoga exercise regularly.

3) Slow aging:

Who doesn’t want to be an evergreen person? Yoga is here to fulfill your dream. This exercise stimulates the process of detoxification inside the body. And, this helps to have soft, glowing skin without wrinkles, dark circles, and many more.

4) Increases flexibility:

On the first day of yoga practice, you will see that you can not touch your feet with your hands or can not fix your body on different poses easily. But, if you keep practicing yoga daily, you will see the difference yourself how flexible your body has become within a few days.

5) Perfect posture:

Posture can change with age. A poor posture can cause your back pain, neck pain, and other joint problems. Yoga exercise can help to detect muscle imbalances. So, what it does is lengthen the tight areas and strengthen the week areas. It is indeed helpful to hold the right posture for us.

6) Improves breathing:

The majority of exercise centers start their classes with the first-class named yoga breathing techniques. These methods help to increase energy levels and relax muscles. Regular yoga practice is beneficial in the case of improving lung capacity and breathing in those who are asthma patients.

b) Mental Health benefits

Having a better mental condition is very necessary for us to live a healthier tension-free life. Practicing regular yoga exercises can help us in this purpose very well. Let’s see in which sectors we can get benefited and how.

1) Reduces stress:

Most people find that yoga exercise makes them feel much better. We all know about the devastating impact of stress on our bodies. It results in having improper sleep, back or neck pain, or problems while concentrating on something. But, daily yoga practice creates mental calmness inside the brain. It relieves chronic stress patterns and relaxes the mind decreasing the stress level.

2) Sleep:

As yoga reduces your stress level and helps you to keep your mind fresh, it’s simple that you’ll have a better sound sleep at night. Also, it is very favorable for those people who suffer from insomnia. If you already sleep well, practicing yoga can make you fall into a deeper and restful sleep.

3) Depression:

Research shows that people who practice regular yoga seem to be in less depression who do not practice at all. Stress and depression are most likely to follow a cardiac event, such as a heart attack, bypass surgery, or other heart diseases. Yoga is such a kind of exercise that combines both meditation and physical movements. Both of these two are the main crucial elements for relieving depression. So, as part of an overall treatment plan, yoga can help people manage this stress and depression level.

4) Good memory:

Yoga is considered helpful regarding the case of Alzheimer’s and other dementia. This kind of exercise engages different parts of the brain based on the various components of the practice, which generally include pranayama, asana, chanting, and other forms of concentration. Each of these facts helps the brain to form a new connection through the stimulation of brain plasticity. The better blood circulation into the brain cells results in better memory storage.

5) Self-control:

We must have a better command over our minds. Otherwise, we may become emotional while taking serious decisions in personal or professional life. If we practice yoga daily, we would have good control over our poses and movements. It teaches us how to define self-control in all aspects of real life. This realization also makes us understand that perfection can not be the only goal. It helps us to accept ourselves the way we are. It is indeed one of the best qualities we can achieve through practicing exercises.

Other benefits

Smoking is injurious to health. Research shows that practicing daily exercises results in less smoking. So, this could be a fruitful tool for smokers to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.

Diabetic patients should do this exercise regularly as it is very helpful regarding the case of high blood sugar control. Yoga can even help these people improving physical functions, and reducing pain in muscles and joints.


Today millions and millions of people are getting used to regular yoga exercises. Because this practice makes people realize that both mental and physical health are not only closely allied but also they are almost equivalent. Exercise does more than burn calories. It is a mutual bonding of brain-physique activity that goes through a series of body poses and deep breathing exercises that can increase strength, flexibility, immunity, and relaxation. So, don’t be late. Start practicing today and change your life. All the best!