Yoga for core strength

We all know the importance of our physical health very well. We don’t want our body parts to get pain, feel tired, or even no uncomfortable feeling. We want us to be active, cheerful, enthusiastic, happy, and healthy every time. But the sad truth is we get tired soon. We lose our cheeriness very often. We can’t work continuously without tiredness. The one absolute solution to rectify this major problem in life is yoga. We are all aware of a famous saying that health is wealth. To attain that wealth in hand, we can do a few asana and physical exercises regularly. The most important one among our healthy bodies is core strength. To have the best core strength, there are few exercises of yoga to follow regularly. Let us get a deep knowledge about it here.

Yoga and its importance:

Yoga is a word derived from Sanskrit which refers to the union. It unites our physical goodness, mental health, and also makes us reach inner peace of eternity. It is a wide ocean which is filled with various moves for physique, meditation for our mental well being and breathing steps for peacefulness. Practicing yoga in our day to day life leads us to have toned muscles, flexibility, freshness, and comfort. It boosts our immunity and makes us work with more energy and stamina. It strengthens our whole body and helps us to be fit for lifelong. It also leads to fat loss which most of us prefer to be in a good looking physique. It even cures many pains and disorders which can’t be cured by meditations. Hence yoga plays an important and vital role in human health and well being.

Core strength and its importance:

Core strength is one of the important aspects of every human body. Core strength decides one’s ability to withstand a position or move and their capacity to stabilize their core parts. Core strength is vital for transformations between the upper and lower body. It helps us to bear more loads. It gives good posture. The most important benefit of having strong core strength is it makes us relieved from back pain. Back pain is a common illness which most humans have due to their work, age, and circumstances. Having core strength gives a goodbye to back pain. Having core strength helps us to sit straight without bending for a long time which makes us to concentrate and to be active. So it’s important to maintain our core strength at the best level.

Parts involving in core strength:

There are various parts in the human body in maintaining core strength. But there are specific muscles and parts of the human body involving in core strength. Those specific core muscles are pelvic muscles, transverse abdominal muscles, uterine muscle, rectal abdominal muscles, erector spinal muscles, chest muscles, lumbar muscles, internal and external oblique, cervical muscles, diaphragm, back muscles, and pelvic floor muscles. These muscles and their surroundings involve the core strength of the body. They have an important role in giving flexibility to the body with a strong base.

Functions of core parts:

In women, core parts are used during pregnancy and delivery. Core parts of the human body help incontinence of a particular position for a long time without any discomfort. It is important during various activities like lifting, birthing, pushing, pulling, and excreting. Core parts determine the posture of the human body. It helps to keep straight the pelvic, spine, and thorax of a person when they retain in a stable position or motion. It helps to align the body straight whether it’s static or dynamic.

Yoga for core strength:

Yoga will be the best choice when coming to work out our body. It will enhance our health in the best way than aerobics and going to the gym. There are certain yoga poses and moves which will help to increase and maintain our core strength in a very good manner. Yoga will engage a body in certain poses or while moving from one pose to another pose which will use the core parts to attain stability. Here is a list of few yoga poses for core strength along with the procedure.

1. Boat pose:

Sit comfortably with legs straight. Slowly, exhale and raise both legs towards the direction of your body. Similarly, bring your hands front towards the direction of legs and parallel to legs. Hold this pose firmly

2. Side plank pose:

Start from plank pose. Keep your left palm on the floor. Slowly turn your body so that side of one foot touches the floor and the other gets attached to that one. Raise your right hand which will look straight. Hold this pose firmly

3. Side plank poses with a twist:

Start with plank pose and slowly come to side plank pose. Then lift your right leg with patience and place on the floor in front of your left leg. Hold this pose firmly.

4. Dolphin plank pose:

Start with plank pose. Place your inner arms in floor one parallel to another. Make your toes hold your lower body. Keep your body straight without the bend. Hold this pose firmly.

5. Bridge pose:

Start with a sleeping position. Bend your legs so that your lower feet touch the floor. Clasp legs with respective hands. Slowly lift your hip and abdomen which looks like a bridge as name states. Hold this pose firmly.

6. Wheel pose:

Stand straight. Make a full bend backward with courage. Maintain balance and bend fully. Make your palms rest on the floor. Hold this pose firmly.

7. Reed pose:

Stand straight with both feet together. Raise your hands on top of your head and join both hands. Inhale and circle the arms rotating the head and touches the ears. Bend and exhale. On next inhalation, repeat the circling of arms and bend.

8. Chair pose:

Stand straight with a gap between your feet. Slowly lower your back so that the thighs become parallel to the floor. Raise your hands and keep straight. Hold this pose firmly.

9. Chair pose with a twist:

Start with chair pose. Bring your hands together at the center of your chest and make both palms touch each other. Lower your upper body and turn right which makes your chest portion nearer to the thighs. Hold this pose firmly

10. Side angle pose:

Stand straight and make a gap between your feet as much you can. Bend your left leg slightly. Slowly to left and place your inner arm of the left hand on the left thigh. Raise your right hand and keep it straight along it touching the right ear. Hold the pose firmly. Repeat this on the other side also.

11. Revolving side angle pose:

Start from the side angle pose. Lift your left hand and place it on the back of your left leg. Place your left palm on the floor. Make both legs looks straight. Hold this pose firmly. Repeat this on the other side also

12. Crane pose:

Start with standing position. Bend and make your palms touch the floor. Slowly bend your legs and make your knees touch the underarms and thighs touch your whole front body. With the balance of hand, slowly raise your leg and hold this position firmly.

13. Dolphin pose:

Stand straight with feet together or with a small gap. Bend from and place your palm on the floor with the gap between your hands and legs as much as you can. Now place your inner arms on floor and balance. Hold this position firmly.

14. Happy baby pose:

Start with a sleeping position. Lift your legs straight towards the body. Raise your hands parallel to your legs. Hold your left toes with the left hand and right toes with the right hand. Hold this pose firmly.

15. Scale pose:

Sit straight and do lotuses pose. Make your palms touch the floor with a small bend of your spine. Now slowly lift your whole body with the balance of your hand. Hold this pose firmly.

16. Cat-cow stretch:

Start from your leg and hand on the floor with a tabletop position. Exhale and make your spine around as much as you can. Inhale and make your spine opposite to round as much as you can. Repeat this on another inhalation.

17. Hand knee balance:

Start with Plank poses. Lift your left leg and right hand. Hold this position firmly. Repeat it with lifting right leg and left hand. Hold this pose firmly.

18. Down dog splits:

Stand straight. Bend front and place your palms on the floor with a gap between them. Slowly lift your leg as much as you can and make it straight. Hold this pose firmly.

19. High lunge:

Stand straight. Bend your right leg front and left leg stretch straight at back. Raise your hands with palms touching each other. Bend back with a small bend. Hold this pose firmly.

20. Half-moon pose:

Stand straight. Bend and make your left palm touch the floor. Lift your right leg straight parallel to the floor. Raise your right hand as much as possible. Hold this pose firmly.

Yoga for core strength – Conclusions:

Let’s have our health very well with these poses. Doing these exercises may look like a struggle at the beginning. As practice makes perfect by time goes, these poses will also come perfectly in hand. The only thing we need is strong willpower and determination to get something. Benefits were not only regarding physique but also inner pleasure and satisfaction about our own body. Also be comfortable with a yoga mat, pleasing environment, and sound free surroundings. Let’s enjoy life with good health with the help of yoga.