9 Supremely Awesome Yoga Facts

Yoga is probably one of the best activities to turn to especially in the modern age when problems seem to have no end. It is like they are all aboard a train that continues to run you over because you are tied down to the tracks. It is certainly not a pleasant feeling and does not make life any easier to deal with. So what does? Well, yoga is a pretty good answer.

It can help you feel mentally relaxed especially when the passengers on your train are anxiety, depression, and constant exasperation at everything that goes wrong. If you think that is where the list of benefits ends you are so wrong. Let’s take a dive into the numerous, interesting tidbits about yoga that can help you get a much better insight.

9 Basic Yoga Facts To Keep In Mind:

1. It Is Not Just For Women:

A lot of the videos that you see may show women in skimpy leggings in various poses. That made quite a lot of people feel like it is a feminine activity though in actuality gender has absolutely nothing to do with it. Men practice yoga just as well these days to have access to all the health benefits that yoga promises to deliver. Men too have mental health issues the way women do and should not be ridiculed for turning to yoga as a solution to somehow lessen them and find a semblance of peace. The previous concept of women opting for yoga only has clearly seen a positively noticeable change and it is one of the yoga facts that deserve a round of applause and some appreciation. This should especially reign supreme in a time when scores of people are fighting for gender equality. That should go both ways.

2. You Can Have A Healthy Heart:

As we promised we would clue you in about the additional benefits that accompany the improved mental state, here it is. It is perfect to have your heart in great condition as a lot of Asanas are ideal to lower your blood pressure. This is of course great for the heart if it manages to stay regulated. Cholesterol is also a huge problem that you can solve by having the perfect healthy diet and even yoga! Though the problem is pretty serious it can be avoided in such a simple way. Your blood glucose levels will be lowered through yoga as well, which is another bonus to add to the bag. Hypertension can have a terrible impact on the state of your heart that will clearly be in check once your mental state is all set through the breathing and meditative exercises. You can kiss your tensions goodbye and start to ease up more.

3. You Can Live Longer:

This has probably got to be one of the best yoga facts for just about anyone. Who does not really want to prolong their lives and have some potion to live longer? Long ago people were in search of an elixir of youth. Now we have plain old yoga to keep us rejuvenated! The first way it ensures that is by regulating our breathing. If you practice the breathing exercises your body is likely to take in more oxygen than before. This increased circulation can clearly improve the way your body functions. Of course, it also improves your heart health and makes your bones stronger too. The exercise ensures that you stay fit and do not have to deal with issues related to obesity. Not only physically but even your mental health will be on track and they do say that positive vibes can help you live longer and better.

4. Your Sex Life Can Go Uphill:

Admit it or not but this is one of the yoga facts that really do sound like an actual bonus. Who does not want an exciting sex life that can bring all the fantasies to life? That can be an actual possibility once you get to work on improving your yoga poses. First and foremost, they introduce flexibility into your body. They are not just there to make you resemble a pretzel. Who knew right? You can try out various positions once your body is all set to adjust to them. You can also have your stress and fatigue be lessened by a mile. This usually has a terrible effect on the libido, which can clearly be reversed when your mental state is on the right track.

5. Yoga Does Not Just Include Asanas:

Though admittedly a lot of people go for Asanas to get the benefits that they are after, it in no way means that is all there is to yoga. Its benefits are endless and so are the methods and forms that you can try out. If you are not really interested in twisting and turning your body into odd, contorted shapes you can just go for breathing exercises. They can help you relax, have some peace of mind, and feel positive energy coursing through you. You can even go for restorative yoga that focuses on rejuvenating you in the simplest way possible if you are a newbie. If Asanas just are not your thing you probably should not give up on yoga in general. There are a whole lot of options for you to try out. All you need is a little research and maybe a dash of determination to go with it.

6. Bonding With Your Baby Is Easier:

This yoga fact may sound pretty odd but baby yoga is an actual thing. It is pretty effective too if you had any doubts there. It can be aimed at both the baby and the mother. You can have some fun time playing mild background music while you get your baby to enjoy the various basic baby yoga poses. If you take them to a baby yoga class they can even interact with other babies there to some extent, which is of course going to improve their communication skills at a young age. Not only is it a fun activity but it is also going to improve your baby’s health in general too. Yoga is very well-known for the physical benefits that it provides and you can feel at ease knowing your baby is practicing healthy habits.

7. It Can Reflect In Your Real Life:

Yoga is not only limited to the mat. The way you behave there can actually have an impact on how you behave in real life too. Of course, there must be tons of aspects in your life that consume you throughout the day. If yoga is just an obligation for you and you are not really putting in any genuine effort to make it work out you may be doing the same for other areas of your life too. Is that really the way you want things? Just think it over once. If you start to let go and give in to the positive healing forces working their magic on your body and mind you just might be more open to positivity even in your workplace or home. That does sound worth it.

8. You May Be Faced With Injuries:

Yes, this does sound like a bit of an ironic statement considering yoga is essentially meant to improve your physical health instead of making it worse. The truth is that the risk of such a thing happening is not that high and it is mostly when you try complex poses all on your own when you are just starting out. You should take yoga poses seriously and have a good instructor present to help you out with them at least initially. Once you truly get the hang of them you might not need one to keep an eye on you. However, there can be times, especially in the beginning when you might stretch a muscle too much among other things. Taking great care is always a must when trying out something new.

9. Corpse Pose Works Wonders:

The corpse pose or Savasana seems like the easiest yoga pose out there. All you have to do is lie down, right? Wrong and right! Yes, you do have to lie down to get it right but it is certainly not easy and definitely not an excuse to get a quick nap in. It is especially done at the very end to let your body relax after the whole session. It is a crucial time when you should not only let your muscles find their relaxation but also your mind. It is the ultimate exercise to turn to when your body needs to rejuvenate and heal. That itself makes it hard to achieve no matter how simple and uncomplicated the pose may look on the outside.

Yoga facts – Conclusion:

All these yoga facts have been listed down and elaborated on so you can have a better understanding of how yoga works. If these yoga facts have made you want to go for it and give it a genuine shot that is even better! Yoga is a supremely healthy activity so do not shy away and give it a go.