Yoga Detoxification

On every New Year, people take up new resolutions to stay up healthy and do workouts. It remains only a word for some till the end of the year. So if you are planning to stay healthy and fitter the first step you need to do detox your body. What is meant by detox and why? Detox is a certain amount of waste materials that gets stored in the body and makes some disturbance in the body functions. So first we need to detox the body to add up new things. Few recommendations are done like yoga is the best way to detox the body. Yoga detoxification it is a fact that spread among many people and few say vice versa that yoga cannot detox the body. Well, this topic gets on dynamic results. So let’s take up a look at this topic and see whether yoga can detox the body.

Can yoga twists are effective in detoxification

There is a saying that twisting postures cleanse the body and internal organs too. Mainly liver, but the liver has its cleansing process called the cellular process. According to B.K.S Iyengar a famous yoga teacher, who says that when twisting postures blocks the blood flow and when we release the posture the blood flow to the parts makes them cleanses, like a rush of blood to the spots. By doing yoga twists don’t detox it acts as a supportive mechanism to the existing detox processes. The organs like liver, kidney, skin are capable of detoxifying themselves. They filter toxins and other substances like food, alcohol, and medicines from the blood. It doesn’t mean that yoga twists are in vain to the process of detoxing? No, it increases the blood supply which is beneficial to internal organs. Generally, people who do yoga at regular practice won’t allow the body to save toxins in them. They have good eating habits, no alcohol or drugs, good sleep, and stress-free life which allow the body’s cleansing mechanism to perform effectively. Thus the body allows good positive energy.

Yoga twists

When doing twists we must be keen to absorb the twist and deepen them. So there are certain principles to deepen the twists. So this helps more doing a posture. The intensity can work effectively than accuracy. So before you start to do twisting postures make gentle movements that make body subtle for deeper moves? So it is a must to warm up before starting. The yoga detox flow moves combine both factors like unwanted tension from the body and mind. Here are some detox flow moves to be listed. They are

  1. Runner’s twist with a backbend
  2. Crooked monkey
  3. Low lunge with side bend
  4. Runner’s twist with arms
  5. Revolved chair pose.
  6. Revolved low lunge
  7. Revolved hand to the knee or big toe pose.
  8. Prayer’s twist.
  9. Revolved half moon.
  10. Side angle pose.
  11. Ardha matsyendrasana.
  12. Supine spinal twist.

How can yoga help to detox your body?

The major poses that eliminate toxins are twists, backbends, forward bends, and inversions. These are the basic mechanism in the twists organ.


This pose will help out in squeeze the organ and helps in the detox function of the organs, as blood rushes in organs. When we twist blood rushes to the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, and intestines. So the fresh blood enters the internal parts. For more effectiveness marichyasana C, pavirtta utkatasana, and trikonasana can be added to the practice.


Backbends will strengthen your back and make pressure at the abdomen region. It helps digestion and elimination of waste. Add cobra, salabhasana to detox regularly.

Forward bends

Forward does the same of backbends which compress the belly and abdomen to eliminate wastes and help indigestion. Due to gravity, the blood flows to the head region and filter lymph nodes. Padangushtasana is perfect for standing and bending and helps gain more benefits.


The perfect inversion can drain lymph fluids from legs and circulate it to all over the body. So that helps the immune system to work at its peak level. Inversion can stimulate thyroid glands. This stimulation leads to increased metabolism.

These basic moves can work wonders in the detoxifying body with yoga. They positively increase immunity and metabolism activities. So yoga can be an added stimulant feature to be considered.

Benefits of detoxing body

The detox process works wonders in the body. The detox process is becoming one of the basic processes in this healthier world. Detox help in boosting immunity and leads to perfect maintenances of the body. Detox help in eliminating waste from the body. Due to the modern lifestyle, we use lots of chemicals in the foodstuffs that we consume. This addition is direct and indirect too. So if we consume these the chemicals get stored in the blood tissues or cells. That may lead to cancer, some allergies, and medical complications like infertility. Some minor complications like bloating, headaches, constipation, fatigue, skin problems, bad breath, etc. some antioxidants foods are referred to and detox drinks. So it is a must to detox the body. The benefits are listed below.

Helps in weight loss

Weight loss is one of the best factors of detoxifications. Weight loss gives confidence to a person and minimizes the health complications that occur due to obesity. And girl problems like PCOD, PCOS, and period cycle regulation. Along with foods to be taken are raspberries, apple cider vinegar, and lemon which are rich in vitamin C and acids contents.

Improves digestion

Detoxing the digestive system is the best way to improve digestion. If digestion is good most of the problems get lesser in the body. If there is complete digestion no toxins stay in the stomach. So detox the stomach and digestive track we need to add few elements like mint, lemon.

Improves liver function

The liver is the most sensitive part of the body. As we mostly hurt the liver by our daily routines like alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, and other kinds of stuff. So the liver is the organ that secretes the digestive juices and ensures the detoxification in the body. So it’s important to take care of the liver and detoxify the body. So add a few slices of cucumber in water so it helps livers function of detoxification of the body fluids. It helps in urination and removal of excessive body fluids.

Reduces inflammations

When once the liver is cleansed completely allow them to rest. Have a light food that doesn’t have heavy shits in it. Allow the liver to work less after cleansed so it is a delicate organ. If you allow heavy stuffed food then that leads to chronic disease and liver inflammation. The food that helps the liver is ginger against inflammations and watermelons that fights against inflammations which rich in vitamins A&B.

Skin perfections

Skin is the largest sign of a healthy body. Who doesn’t like glowing healthy skin? Few skin complications are by external pollutants so by detoxifying we can overcome those imperfections in the skin. Due to the pollutants, skin problems like acne, pimples, rashes, and other skin diseases are caused. By applying cosmetics with chemicals can also add up toxins to the body. It is important to use natural products that are less toxin. So by adding vitamin-rich foods to the diet can help in the detox of skin. Skin gets a glow when the toxin in the body is removed. So toxin can be one of the reasons for the imperfect skin.

Boost energy

Detox of the body can improve body functions. It boosts the energy of the body. After detox of the body, it increases mental alertness and mental peace. Detox body gets active and concentration power increases that make you unique. Toxin overloaded body cannot give you good mental health. Detoxification increases metabolism activities. It boosts the immunity against harmful germs and microbes. These are the great benefits of detoxification.

Several methods to detox body

Along with yoga detoxification, you need a few other additional supports to detox the body completely. Yoga detoxification is one of them. There are natural methods to detox the body is to focus on the routine and diet intake. Add protein, prebiotics, antioxidants, and vitamin-rich foods to the diet in a proper quantity. These improve the immune system. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and other nerve stimulating substances. Focus on the sleep cycle, less intake of sugar and salt. Avoid processed foods and drink more water to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is one of the tips that remove the toxins from the body through excretion methods like urine, sweat, etc. detoxed body can provide good mental peace and sharp abilities to work. It boosts up the lifestyle of a person and leads to stay fit and healthier.

Yoga detoxification – Conclusions:

Yoga for detoxification is a vast topic to be covered up. But still, yoga for detox is a valuable concept that works wonders in the body. Yoga is the only method to detox is not an agreeable sentence. Still, yoga is one of the supportive systems for detox is true. Yoga can lead to a detoxed body and mind. Detox of the body is must need one. The toxin in the body is responsible for half of the health complexions nowadays. So care is needed on the diet, routines, and lifestyle. A detoxed body will make you active and stress-free. It can reduce the possibilities of diseases in the body. So detox body and mind to lead a healthy lifestyle.