Yoga challenges

Yoga is a very good exercise for your physical, emotional, and mental state of your body. It flows along with your soul and connects you with the spiritual Earth. Your inner self flows along with different postures that yoga offers. You will be able to have control over your mind once you learn and start practicing yoga. You cannot find yoga to be beneficial over a single day. It takes a lot of practice and consistency for your body to be flexible to the extent. There are lots of benefits of practicing yoga both physically and mentally to your body.

They relax your body by stretching the nerves and muscles. There are different styles of yoga varying from beginner to advance levels. Yoga challenges are a trend these days that were once brought up to create awareness among people. They wanted people to know the amazing results that one can attain from yoga.

Swipe up to see challenges you might come across and how to overcome them and experience the results. Before then, you should know what amaze does yoga do to your body. This can help you to focus more.

Yoga increases flexibility and can be a stress reliever in your hard times. They help you to maintain a proper sleep pattern. It protects from various diseases like cardiovascular or respiratory diseases. They maintain the good blood flow in your body through the inhaling and exhaling process of breathing.

Things that pull you back

There can be many challenges on your road to success. Read the following to know how to overcome the Yoga challenges that you will face.

  1. Always practice yoga on a yoga mat. At the first instance of stepping on a mat, you face big hurdle here only. If you are a beginner, your fellow friend ‘Laziness’ will pull you back from practicing. Fight it! Always try to make discipline in your routine. Prioritize yoga and be punctual. Be on time for your practice and don’t skip a day. Step on the big mat and start to realize your changes both inside out.
  2. Do not lose your confidence in the initial stages. Yoga is not difficult. You just need to hold your patience and confidence to see the results. Always reach a trainer so that you will have extra motivation.

“Yoga is a practice of putting together your efforts and also letting go of the results of the efforts”

  • A famous saying.

The inner meaning in this proverb is so beautifully written. It says to put in all your efforts, focus on the flow instead of waiting for the effect of them.

  1. Do not do yoga once after you finished your meal. It is advised to strictly restrict the habit of it. It is always better to practice yoga early in the morning with an empty stomach.
  2. Your smartphones are the biggest distraction for you. Stay away from mobile phones. Turn on the flight mode and leave it aside.
  3. If you feel laziness is still pulling you back, try to start practicing yoga with a group of people or with family members. This can help you to drive away the laziness.
  4. Worrying about doing it right. If you are doing yoga alone and have a doubt if you are doing it in the correct posture, jump to YouTube videos. I would suggest you to either hire a trainer or start practicing yoga with groups.
  5. If you are not able to hold asanas for a long time, Chill. Do not stress about it. Being beginners, try holding them for as long as possible and gradually increase the time till the limit.
  6. Adapt yourself to the flow. The mind and body should always work together in this process.

Having weekly/monthly goals can push you forward in doing them on a schedule. Get to know the benefits of the asanas that you do. This will sometimes help you focus more on that particular asana. You might feel weak and detached. Don’t give up.

Here are a few challenges that you need to practice, to pull off your goals. Yoga challenges differ in counts. You can adopt any of the plans. There are challenges for 2, challenges for 5, or even challenges for single. Yoga challenges are not concerned about the sequence that is followed. They focus on goals and accomplishments. Yoga can be a challenge not only physically, but not mentally.

You have to strive to bring your mind into a parallel workspace as that of the body. Your body will be squished and who can stand in a steady position for seconds or minutes. When your mind is stubborn with connecting with the body flow, try meditating for a few minutes. Meditation is also a form of yoga defined to give a spiritual solution to a human mind.

Never compare your progress with anybody else. This can be a serious threat in your path. You may get disappointed halfway on your journey to success. For unfair reasons your goal gets distracted. So never do this. You are unique on your path. If you are comfortable with yoga at home, then leave the group with whom you regularly practice, then go opt for it.

While on the other hand, some people find it challenging to build regular home sessions. You feel unmotivated and detached from your goal. You can go out and find new people or community that follows yoga on a daily regular basis.

Yoga not just deals with your mind and body, but also with the spiritual emotion of a human. It can uplift your spirits and develop energies around you. You become the energy that you want. Through yoga, you not just learn to reduce weight or relieve stress. They also teach you how to love yourself. They bring out the inner spirit and make them feel it. Self-Love is the first step to succeed in anything.

If you feel certain poses in Yoga challenge you, then read ahead. Point one, build up your mind to take up the challenge. Believe in your path. You can be completely vulnerable on days but don’t give up. Don’t let the “I Can’t” voice dominate over other thoughts. Have faith in the goal for which you have been struggling. Try meditating at breaks.

Second, when you talk about physical challenges, the physical hurdle is the more difficult one in your path. You need to overcome them with lots of opposition. You should put both your mind and body to cross this phase. A dedicated practitioner will be ready to face anything on his way. Try listening to the speeches of people who have reached certain levels in yoga practice. This can help you keep motivated.

Tips to overcome yoga challenges

Postures like Plank can sometimes be difficult to hold the position for long. Do not strain too much. Gradually increase the time of holding positions. Hold as much as you can in the beginning so that you would collapse on the floor. Recite “I can do this. I am stronger than I think”.

Postures like chair pose (the Utkatasana) where you stretch your hands outwards and pretend to sit on a chair. This posture puts strength on back, thighs, and knees. Do not strain on your back too much. The thighs also feel too much stress. Relax after you are done with this posture so that you do not suffer any cramps. Control the mental resistance during your thigh contractions. The balance between the rigid stubbornness and the sacrifice that you choose is going to pave the results.

When you go to advanced levels in yoga, like the headstand, you need a lot of practice before attaining it without any balance. Your mind, body, and soul should flow altogether for these kinds of advanced levels of yoga. The idea of finding balance in your hands is like playing treasure hunts. Go behind the proper clues and hints (path) and your (mind) will automatically seek the treasure (solution). There are several strategies in finding the right balance. Train your body to follow them and ta-daa! One day you are at the doors of a perfect headstand.

More importantly, if you have a hurt arm, or back, or anything, please do cross-check with your trainer or anybody in the field to avoid hurting yourself more. Several asanas can cause damage to your body when you continue doing yoga with a wounded part of body.

You may follow any sequence of postures in practicing yoga. But finally, end your session with the corpse pose. Just lie back and relax. You need to feel the flow that your body and mind have achieved all through the session. You need to stop the negative energy around you and drive them away. You ought to fight the Yoga challenges that are thrown to you and shine brighter.

The original challenge can be within your mind. Clear them quickly as possible. The above told are just a few suggestions. The real method to overcome any challenge will be one’s own perspective.