What to eat before yoga ?

Though you can perform Yoga or exercise best with an empty stomach, you should try eating light something an hour or before going for a yoga session. It will help you in keeping the levels of your energy and blood sugar high. Yoga sessions can last upto 90 minutes, so you can feel hungry, dizzy, or can even faint during the class if you do not have any snacks before. Pregnancy can allow you to feel more hungry often, so try to eat something at small intervals. But this is always a matter of concern: what to eat before yoga?

You can opt for late-evening, mid-morning or mid-afternoon class so there will be a mealtime around and the interval will not be extended. Try grabbing a water bottle with you and keep on sipping in class, and you can also practice it throughout the day so that you never get dehydrated. Try consuming the main course meal for four hours before the yoga session. Performing Yoga with a full stomach can make you feel uncomfortable. As you can contact sluggishness because your body will be using energy for digestion. Joining the yoga session will soon allow your body to fight for the energy as some of it will be shifted towards digestion, and the rest will be required for working muscles.

What can you prefer to eat before the yoga sessions?


The best parts with the bananas are they available throughout the year and are quite abundant in nutrients. The fruit is said to have potassium, and even if consumed alone is ideal for a pre-workout snack. Magnesium present in Bananas aids in muscle cramps and thwarting bloating. Consume it with salads, or you can make yummy smoothies too.


Many yoga practitioners like to consume Avocado before their yoga sessions, as it is loaded with minerals like magnesium and potassium. It can lead to the proper functioning of cells and muscles in human beings. They are also easy to digest and can help in reducing bad cholesterol as well.


Yogurt can be consumed in many ways and is quite delicious too. To help yourself, you can drink it alone or can blend it with fruits for smoothies. Many people pair it with the oats. You can also consume zero or low-fat yogurt before leaving for a yoga session, as it will allow you to gain the energy you required for the workout session.


To boost your energy for the yoga classes, you can start eating raw almonds. Try consuming soaked almonds and never look for the variety of salted almonds available in the market. Nowadays, organic almonds are also available; they can serve as one of the best options to consume nutrients as they are rich in healthy fats, vitamin E, and magnesium.

Fruit Smoothies:

It can be prepared at home and is considered one of the ideal workout food, and it holds for yoga practitioners. They provide requisite nutrients and can help you in staying hydrated for your work out sessions too. The best thing with them is that you can mix any fruits and create a variety of flavors anytime. For preparing delicious smoothies, you can use many fruits like kiwi, orange, apple, pineapple, and melon. Mixing them with fat-free yogurt is a great idea, and developing a low-fat smoothie. You should not mix any sugar for making smoothies as the fruits have natural sugar that will suffice.


They are known to be alkaline products and can be used to counter acidity in your stomach. Made up of natural sugars and fibers and will keep your body hydrated. The fruits are made up of vitamin C, an energy booster, and best to eat before workout.


They taste great and also offer a lot of energy to the consumers. Try munching them before your yoga sessions. You can also carry small pouches that are simple and can keep up in your gym bag.

Nut bar and dry fruits:

Munching nut bars and dry fruits is also one of the best options for your yoga class. Always ensure that the bars do not tend to offer calorie \s exceeding 300. Because this much energy is sufficient for the session.


Having an oatmeal bowl before the yoga classes is an excellent idea. It is rich in fibers and easy to digest too. To prepare perfect oatmeal, you can take a spoon of yogurt and mix with a small amount of honey for the best taste.


Berries are made up of antioxidants and vitamins and are quite abundant in fiber. They are chewable, just like blueberry and strawberry. Composed of natural sugar will allow you to be energized throughout the day.

Do know about various edible items you can consume after performing Yoga:

After knowing what to eat before yoga, now it’s the time to know about the foods you can consume after yoga.Once you return from your yoga classes, it is quite natural that you will be hungry. While practicing yoga postures and returning to your home, you tend to crave for consuming food. But try to control yourself from gorging on some snack items appealing to your taste buds. For practicing Yoga, you need all kinds of foods and try not to throw away the advantages gained from the Yoga by eating fat-laden burger or sandwich:

Fresh fruit juice:

Prepare a fresh fruit juice on your return from the yoga class. You should try different fruits every day to offer variety to your taste buds. Prefer not to add additional sugars and always rely on fruits’ natural sugar. For the best taste, you can drop a few ice cubes before you drink the juice. Fresh juices are far better than consuming the packaged juices containing artificial flavors and massive amounts of sugars.


Although you will crave to eat something after Yoga, staying hydrated is also required. Drink a lot of water, and plain water is one of the options to go for. For a variation, try drinking coconut water, add a few drops of lemon, and benefit from vitamin C.

Vegetable Soup:

To burn a lot of calories for the yoga sessions, and you must tend to offer the body many nutrients composed of calories. If you crave a nutritious dish, then hardly anything can replace homemade vegetable soup. Can put up celery, cabbages, carrots, or spinach to make soups. Always pour in your favorite vegetables and add ginger and black pepper for flavor. Prepare soups at your place with ingredients from your kitchen, instead of buying them readymade.


If you seek an energy booster after your yoga class, then do know that fish Tuna can help you out with the same. You can prepare tuna sandwiches or can consume them after your yoga sessions for the best protein intake.

Green Tea:

Green tea offers many health benefits and is considered better than any other type of beverage you drink. It is one of the ideal drinks that you should drink after your yoga sessions. The yoga exercise sessions allow you to enhance blood circulation and the antioxidants present in green tea that can help you circulate throughout the body. Green tea and yoga combination also acts as a stressed leader.

Toast with almond butter and banana:

It is one of the best things requiring a requisite dose of nutrition without making a grip on extra calories. Here, you can use whole-grain toast and then bake them in a microwave or toaster. Now spread the right amount of almond butter and place banana slices on the top. This recipe will help you in gaining fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Whole grain toast and scrambled egg whites:

If you are practicing Yoga in the daytime, it can be one of the best snack post workout sessions. Egg whites contain no cholesterol and proteins. These bread are composed of complex carbohydrates to ensure that you remain energized throughout the day. You can use salads in it too.

Vegetable Salad:

Prepare a bowl of salad with fresh vegetables on returning from the yoga classes. Always look for leafy and organic herbs with cilantro or pepper chopped up with the extra virgin olive oil to enhance the taste.

Meal options for pregnant women after Yoga:

Undoubtedly Yoga is an excellent option for all age groups, including pregnant women. Pregnancy at any stage can cause physiological development, which needs to be taken care of into consideration. Yoga can help prenatal women dealing with the pregnancy blues and need to think of health needs.

For the pregnancy, it is quite natural to know about hunger pangs and you need to eat as per you and the baby too. It is quite evident that you should not go for the workout sessions’ empty stomach. Never let yourself be subjected to any kind of dehydration, either.

There are few foods that pregnant women look ahead to eat before yoga sessions:

  1. Plain oatmeal
  2. Hard-boiled eggs
  3. Turkey sandwich with whole-grain bread and tomato.

Now you know what to eat before yoga 😉