Spirituality – A Complete Guide

Many people are drawn towards the idea of spirituality nowadays however not many of them know what is the true meaning of being spiritual. They think that spirituality is some religion and they will just follow it and say that it is spiritual. However, that is not spiritual. So, what is spirituality? Is it some kind of fashion? Is it some kind of buzzword? Or is it something greater than that? If you want to know the answer then you need to dive on and learn everything about spirituality. What is spirituality?

What is the meaning of spirituality and how can one be spiritual? If you want to know the answer to each of these questions, then this article is perfect for you. Many people that you meet nowadays say that they’re spiritual, however if you were to ask them the true meaning so spirituality or being spiritual then they would know nothing about it. The meaning of spirituality is deep and to know all about it, one needs to dive into it. So, let’s start into the space of spirituality and learn the true meaning of it.


Spirituality has been used in many senses all over the world and its meaning has been expanded over time. The meaning of spirituality has been changed with time and it has many meanings. The traditional and true meaning of spirituality was to follow a religious process that would reshape a man and bring their true shape out. The true shape of a person was close to the image of the god and the true image of the god was taken from various religions and sacred texts from all over the world.

Spirituality was often correlated with Christianity and many believed that being spiritual meant following the Christian law and religion. However, that’s not the case. The true meaning of spirituality and being spiritual is much more vivid than that. It does not focus on one religion and it certainly does not tell people to follow a particular religion if they want to be spiritual. If you are hearing anywhere that being spiritual means you have to follow one religion, then that’s not true. Before proceeding further, let us have a look at the definition of spirituality.

Definition of spirituality

The definition of spirituality is denser than you can imagine. Broadly being spiritual means being free, however, the true meaning of spiritual means to be connected with something bigger. Spirituality reaches the person to be connected. It teaches the person to be connected to all human beings universally and being connected. Some people who study spirituality or follow it, tell that spirituality means to be connected to the god or a place of worship such as a temple, church, mosque, etc.

However, some people believe that spirituality means connecting with god in one’s sense. Being spiritual means that you can rely on someone for your comfort, your peace of mind, and your problem. Spirituality helps people to deal with all kinds of mental problem and help them to stay positive even in the hardest times. Millions of people follow spirituality and they are happy with how they can cope up with the various problem in their life easily. Spirituality helps the person to stay focused and prevent them from falling into despair. It tells people that they have someone that they can always look up to and ask for help whenever they need to.

Meaning and value in the world

The word spirituality has been derived from the Latin word spiritualitas which means spirit in Greek. Due to this misinterpretation, many people believe that spiritualism means dealing with spirits and ghosts, however the reality is far ahead of it. In a true sense, spiritualism means connecting with something greater and feeling secure in the connection. It has nothing to do with ghosts, spirits, or haunted things. Many people misinterpret the meaning of the spiritualism due to its etymology. However, in truth, the meaning of the word is a spirit with is the opposite of materialistic things. The true sense of spiritualism means being free from any materialistic things and stop finding pleasure in the materialistic things. It says that materialistic things are limited and there is no point in running after them.

Confusion between religion and spirituality

Religion and spirituality are confused by many people all over the world. Some people believe that being religious and being spiritual is the same thing. Others believe that spirituality is a type of religion and there is no difference in them. However, the people who follow spirituality and knowns its true meaning are aware of how stupid these comments are. Broadly speaking, spirituality and religion are not the same things, however they have certain things common. For example, religion tells people to look up to god and that god will help to solve all the problems of the person. Spirituality on the other hand connects the person to other people and tells them to look at something greater. It tells them to look at collective human emotion and sympathize with it. Spirituality helps people get connected to other people. 

The religious and spiritual concept may look the same, however, they are not the same. They are different in many senses. They tell people to ask a different question and they expect different answers from each other. For example, religion tells people to ask what practice should I follow to get rid of all the problem form my life, however, spiritualism tells people to ask the question about the meaning. Spirituality tells people to ask where they can find the meaning. Another difference point is the explanation that religion and spirituality give to their followers. Religion tells its follower about the difference between right and wrong. Religion tells people what is wrong and how they can avoid it. On the other hand, spirituality tells people how they can get connected, what is the connection, and how they can get connected. It tells people the true value of human emotion and support.

Impact of spirituality over mental health

Spirituality has a positive impact on human health. This has been proved by various scientific studies and many people have sensed the benefits of spirituality. Spiritualty is the feeling of being connected with something greater and it sure has it benefit on the human body. The benefit of spirituality is immense and it has helped many people to get rid of many problems in their life. Like religion, spirituality cannot help you to solve materialistic problems in your life such as spirituality won’t help you to get money, however, it can be beneficial on the other way around.

Spirituality can help the person to get rid of all the problems in the body and the mind. With a c learn mind and a healthy body one can solve the materialistic problem by themselves. This is one of the best benefits of spirituality. Although it cannot solve the main problem in the life of the person, it can help the person to get ready for any problem in the body. Also, spirituality can help to strengthen the person emotionally and spiritually.

Spirituality has several benefits on the mental and emotional health of the person. It helps the person to get rid of stress, tension, and depression problem in the mind. It helps to strengthen the will of the person and imbued their mind with positive thoughts. Spirituality helps the person to have a look at their own and it tells the person how they can get better. It shows the way on how the person can be better and the decision of whether the person wants to go down the road or not is their own choice. Spirituality also helps the person to have a sense of belonging in this world. It does not let the person feel that they are alone of not wanted in anybody’s life.

What does it mean to be spiritual?

Being spiritual means being connected. In one sense it means that you have a feeling of being connected with something bigger that will help you to solve all the problems in the world. The bigger thing can be anything and it is entirely up to the person. They can follow some god, or then can look up to a religion that will help them. Spirituality should not be confused with religion as we have shown you earlier that they both mean different. One can be spiritual as well as religious as well. There is no problem in doing so. On should stop mixing spiritualism and religion with one other.

They both are different and mixing them would only stop you from leaning spiritualism. There are many famous people such as the Dalai Lama who follow and preach spiritualism. Spiritualism is gaining followers every year and it is becoming immensely popular in today’s world. People are drawn towards the idea of spiritualism and once they start the following spiritualism, they start to find solace in it.