Catch A Break With This Restorative Yoga Sequence

Good times can feel even more fleeting than the bad ones. We revel and bask in the happy ones as the positive feelings that they bring on can be so intense we keep wanting more and more of it. However, the bad ones can have such a negative impact they may feel like a drag even if they have only lasted for a week. Handling such moments is not the least bit easy for most people. If you are having a great day crushing it at work and feel invincible while going back home but you trip and fall into a puddle, messing up your favorite suit would you really expect the good mood to linger around? It probably will not. In fact, it is likely to evaporate and be replaced with irritation and a desire to crush someone’s skull. Those feelings are entirely too natural and it is completely okay to be feeling them as long as we know how to deal with them. One of those ways is restorative yoga sequence.

Why Is It Important To Catch A Break:

This may seem obvious to some but you would be surprised at the shocking number of people who feel like they have no need to take time out to take care of themselves. It comes as no surprise that life is busy and all its hassles leave very little time to be utilized on anything other than its obligatory demands. However, that is what makes it even more urgent that you take time out for yourself. Everyone needs a breather so they do not end up donating their sanity. Taking time to ensure that yours is on point can work wonders for your mood on a daily basis. You may feel positive vibes hovering over your skin no matter where you go or what hand you are dealt with. It can be a reminder every time someone tries to bring you down that you know your actual worth not anyone else and it far exceeds and outweighs their opinion. Any depressing thoughts crushing you under their considerable weight or anxious moments flitting around your brain like an annoying buzzing bee can all be chased away. The best part is it does not even stay limited to your mental health. Your physical health too can be top-notch and have you looking and feeling glowing and fresh. If all this sounds like something miraculous but you still want to give it a shot, read on to find out more about the restorative yoga sequence that can do wonders for your mental and physical well-being.

What Is A Restorative Yoga Sequence:

A restorative yoga sequence can help you achieve all that we discussed above. Yoga is known to be one of the best activities to turn to for great health and positive vibes. Some of the yoga poses are specifically involved in the restorative yoga sequence category especially because they can help to freshen you up and relax your mind. You should do this at least every other day to be the best version of yourself that you know exists inside you but lies dormant because of all the situations that force you to bury it deep. Here are some of the poses that you can try out to bring out that lighter version of yourself and have some peace of mind to go with it.

Some Tips To Consider:

Before you start going at it, you need to have some equipment on hand that can help you have the ideal yoga experience every single day. You may need a bolster to provide some cushioning to your body so you do not end up with more pains than when you initially started. As some of the poses may get you to rest your head in an elevated position you will also need a couple of blocks that you can stack under the bolster to get the required height. Remember to find a peaceful, quiet area where no one can disturb you and ruin your flow when you start to indulge in the restorative yoga sequence.

Restorative Heart Opener:

The very first pose that you should start off with in the restorative yoga sequence should probably be the restorative heart opener. This has been placed on the top of the list, as it is the easiest one in the order so it will get you in the flow of things in the beginning. All you have to do is place the blocks in a way that an inclined plane forms when you place the bolster on it. Make sure that nothing is shaky and makes you lose your balance as you rest your head, shoulders, and upper back. This can be pretty soothing especially if you keep your eyes closed the whole time and allow any negative thoughts to drift away. Continue to inhale and exhale deeply but slowly so all the stress can steadily melt out of your body, leaving you to feel refreshed and back in your spirits again.

Restorative Twist:

Just because there is going to be a little bit of twisting and turning involved is no reason for you to pause with mounting hesitation. It is still present on a very basic level and will not cause you any discomfort or pain so ease your worries and start positioning yourself the correct way. In this pose, your head and shoulders will lie on the floor as opposed to the bolster, which will be placed between your knees instead. Have your arms extended straight but loosely on each side of your body and rest them on the floor so that they do not get tired after a while. Place a block under your left knee first to support it so you can lean on it as you slowly twist your body to the left. This will especially involve your lower body starting from your lower back, hips, legs, and feet. Keep it that way for a while before you switch to your right side to see the pose to its ultimate completion.

Supported Half-Frog Groin Stretch:

Some of the poses in this restorative yoga sequence are so relaxing you just start to snooze midway and not even realize it until you wake up ages later, disoriented but perfectly fresh and well-rested. One of those will most likely be the supported half-frog groin stretch for sure. Make sure your bolster is nice and comfy as you rest it on the floor. This exercise will not have you lying on your back. In fact, it is your front body that is going to be getting the cushioning this time around. This is the perfect kind of exercise that can relax your hips and make your lower body feel at complete ease especially if you have been straining it throughout the day. Just make sure that your head, chest, and abdomen are lying on the bolster as one of your legs stretches out straight on the floor. You can bring the knee of your other leg up so it is level with your hips as you twist to one side.

Supported Reclining Bound Angle Pose:

This pose has a myriad of benefits that can go beyond just the restorative aspects. That truly makes it one worth considering. If you have any digestion problems this can ease them up for you in a jiffy, as your lower abdomen will also observe a much better blood circulation. Your inner thighs can get the perfect amount of stretch and of course, your nervous system can get the calmness that it deserves. For this, you should place your blocks under your thighs and elevate your knees as you bend them slightly. Let your hips and upper body lie flat on the floor with your face aimed upward. Your arms should be stretched out on the floor on either side and your feet should be pressed against one another as you create a sort of diamond shape with your legs.

Corpse Pose:

The name for this pose may come off as pretty eerie but in reality, it is as relaxing as it gets. This is mostly to get your body to ease up at the very end of this restorative yoga sequence. It involves no complex twists and turns, as you simply have to lie down straight on the floor on your back. Yes, that is all there is to it as you just need to let your body relax with your legs spread slightly, and your arms extended beside you.


Problems will probably exist and persist in every phase of life and that is not always something that you may be able to avoid. However, you should not lose all hope and simply succumb to the negativity trying to batter at you and bring you down. Even though challenges will always be present how you deal with them is what really matters. Do not give up and assume that you cannot put up with it. You have more strength and capability than you realize.