Refreshing yoga

Feel tired ? Want some refreshment for your mind and body ? Refreshing Yoga is a good solution to your questions.

The three aspects that often get affected are the mind, body, and breath. Yoga is a one-step solution to cure all of it. Any kind of problem faced in any of these aspects can be healed by yoga. Yoga has such strong power in its postures. Each posture has its own detailed theory of how it works and what benefits they give.

If you wanted to take a break from reality, you can opt for refreshing yoga to cleanse your body and mind. They are an unstructured sequence of various postures and stretches that can help you heal. It is great to practice refreshing every day, but if you are too busy in life, at least put effort to practice them at the weekends.

Refresh your body, mind, and soul

Sometimes you do not buy time for yourself to take care of your body. We should erase all the fake excuses that we make and prepare a routine to care for your body, mind, and soul. Like you clean your home, things, and other kinds of stuff, you also need to cleanse the inner body, mind, and breath.

Some pre tips for those who need refreshment for their mind and body in a busy schedule. If you are not able to practice refreshing yoga every day, then try following these.

For the body

In the middle of your work, take a break for a small walk. Walk in the corridor or walk to the cafeteria. A dehydrated body slows down your metabolism activities. Hence drink a glass of water at regular intervals. You can even add mint leaves or lemon drops to your water. This gives your body the refreshment it needs.

If you are sitting in an air-conditioned room, take a minute to go outside exposed to fresh air. You also definitely need Vitamin D to keep your body active.

For the mind

If you are working from home, take a power nap so that your mind will be refreshed and stays active for a long time. Or just close your eyes and relax back for five minutes which is great enough for your mind to thank you.

Meditate. To improve concentration and give your mind a refreshment, meditate every day early in the morning. Early morning is the best time to refresh your mind always.

Benefits of Refreshing yoga

Refreshing yogais beneficial for a wide variety of reasons. It relaxes your muscles and calms your nerves. You get a soothing effect when you work on them. Refreshing yoga can also be adopted to get relief from stress. The nerve relaxation in this refreshing yoga helps you keep stress and anxiety from you. Muscle relaxation increases flexibility and maintains a balanced metabolism. Due to the changes in climatic conditions, you catch cold and feel difficult to breathe at times. Refreshing yoga can also heal this with its respiratory practices.

Practicing refreshing also helps one to control anger. Nerve relaxation does a great job to help one achieve this. The best time to practice refreshing yoga is in the evening. This is because, you are out for work all day and when you return back home from work, it is essential to also keep away stress and work tensions. Hence the evening is the best time to practice refreshing yoga to reduce the stress caused due to the day.

If the mind is not peaceful, your physical health also can also turn bad. The mind and digestive system are connected together, such that any disturbance in your mind, say stress or anxiety, can cause you stomach related problems also. And this is why people do not feel like eating when they are upset. So, more importantly, take care of your mental health first which be automatically be followed by the others.

Read through the article to know some simple and common refreshing yoga postures and their benefits on the human body and mind.

Sun Salutations

Commonly called the ‘Surya Namaskara’, consists of 12 different poses and should be repeated on a count of minimum 12. When you start practicing Sun salutations, you will understand why it is refreshing. It starts from a simple standing pose and comes round a clock covering all the body parts. It stretches your body at each pose and relaxes the muscles in particular areas at each step. The best time to follow Sun salutations is by early in the morning. It is a tribute to the sun in the form of postures. You will your body refreshed after finishing a decent count of sets.

Twisting pose

Lie on your back with your legs raised and knees folded. Stretch your arms outwards in the respective direction. Bend your knees to either of the side reaching for the floor. Your upper body should not be turned or twisted in this posture. Repeat the same on the opposite side. Follow these twists and turns for 12 sets each. This posture is great for digestion and is very good for your spinal back. As you twist and turn with moving your upper body, the spinal cord gets stretched. Squeeze your inside. It allows good oxygen flow to the rib cages.

Fish pose

The fish pose is great for your body during the winter season. Because it focuses on the center of the chest, the heart region. Lie on the floor with your hands and stretched free. Make a gap under your chest by lifting your chest region and trying to make the top of your head touch the mat. People who sit at the computer for too long and therefore suffering from shoulder pains can practice this pose.

Low Lunge

This is one of the steps from the Sun salutations. You make this pose by standing on one of your knees as if you are ready to run a race. Extend the other leg backward. It represents strength and stretches all in one. The fat in your thighs will be squeezed to burn. Repeat a few sets of this posture and follow breath simultaneously. It makes you feel relaxed and powerful.

Dancer pose

Technically called ‘Natarajasana’ in yoga terms. Stand on one leg. Raise back your other leg and reach your hand for it. Stretch the other arm forward with the hand ‘Mudras’. This is a very effective yoga pose which creates a fine balance between your body and mind. This is a very good refreshing yoga posture for both the physical and mental state of your body. It opens the chest space and regulates good blood flow in your mind. Your mind feels relaxed practicing this posture. You gain physical and mental refreshment on doing this pose.

Corpse pose

Popularly known as ‘Savasana’ in yoga terms. This is a very good refreshing posture for your body where you just lay down to feel the spiritual movement of blood flowing through every part of your body. You can follow this posture at the end of every and any yoga session despite the time you are practicing. It relaxes the whole body makes you feel refreshed. In this posture, inhale and exhale at regular intervals which enhances your respiratory system.

Forward bend pose

It is known as ‘Uttanasana’. It is included as one among the various postures in Sun salutations. Stand erect with your legs closed. Bend and reach your toes with your hands. Inhale each time you bend and Exhale each time you relax. This posture is very good for all three aspects i.e., mind, body, and breath. When you bend forward, your back gets stretched and thus it relaxes the muscles. You gain physical relaxation here. The breathing movement followed during the bends enhances your breath. It also relaxes the nerves which in turn refreshes your mind.

Hip stretches

Making a pigeon-like pose is the virtual image of this posture. This posture will be helpful for people who have back pain and hip pain. Start practicing in your early life so you can escape all those in the future. The pain in your hip is caused due to the tension stored in that region. Stretching your hips can relax the hip muscles and helps you relieve the pain. Stretching your body is the only way to relax your muscles and refresh them.


You read through a few simple refreshing yoga postures that heal your mind, body, and soul. You should give complete rest to your body to make it energize and refresh. Yoga is a form of a divine solution that can help you cure any kind of problem. Gratitude is very important in life. Show gratitude to the Earth and Sun by performing yoga. Follow refreshing yoga to pay gratitude to your body. Refreshing yoga is a mental recharge to it.

If and only if the mind is active and relaxed, so will the body. Because the mind and body are already connected. When you start feeling this relationship while performing yoga, it is the first step of successive practice. Treat your inner self and glow outside like a star.