How to use a yoga wheel to keep you healthy?

A yoga wheel is a structure made out of wood or plastic material that assists you at the time of yoga training sessions. A yoga wheel targets the core muscles of your body. Let’s know How to use a yoga wheel for the building of balance and strength in the body. We will discuss some of the different ways here. You can find various uses of the yoga wheel. A yoga wheel can be a piece of good equipment to keep you healthy.

Let’s take some time to understand how to use a yoga wheel:

This wheel is placed underneath the part of the body to make exercise more effective and relaxing. Various poses like dviparittaviparittadandasana, bridge, full pigeon. It also helps gymnasts to practice their body balancing exercise.

What kind of yoga wheel should you use?

You should find a lightweight yoga wheel. Its size should be medium. These two things are to be kept in mind before purchasing a yoga wheel. You can carry it anywhere in the training sessions. It should also be a budget-friendly and good quality wheel.

How to use a yoga wheel IN GENERAL:

Here are some of the ways how to use a yoga wheel:

  1. Spinal massage and mobility:

Yoga wheel gives your spine a good relive. If you have used some block beneath your spine you would have noticed how much relief it gives. You can get even 10 times more relive by using the yoga wheel. The wheel is round in shape; it can move and contours your spine.

With this advantage of the wheel, you can give a good massage to your spines by rolling the wheel.

The movement of the wheel should be in up and down motion or in the length of the spinal column. You can hold something for support. The yoga wheel can be placed in this way as shown in the figure. A great stretch can be felt in the body as you roll the wheel up hands should be placed behind the neck in the lock position. The above-shown stretch helps release tensions from the neck, upper spine, and head.

  1. Full body stretch:

The position shown in the above image is the foundation for the other positions. The image depicts a basic but very beneficial stretch. There is the specific use of the yoga wheel for different parts of the body.

  1. Low lunge:

In this yoga position, the wheel is placed either beneath the front leg to supporting the hamstring or beneath the back leg supporting the shin.

  1. Reclining butterfly pose:

This pose is beneficial in releasing the tensions from the glute muscles. This position is also helpful in opening up the hip muscles. This yoga position can be performed in a sitting position, by bringing the yoga wheel as down as possible. Then rest your body and mind. Put your arms on the sides and rest completely.

  1. Reclining Hero pose:

This yoga pose is considered the best way in opening up your upper body. It gives a good stretch to knees, quarts, and ankles. This pose starts from vajrasana. Then the knees should be stretch some distance apart, bringing the wheel underneath your spines. Then bending down stretching your hands as much and possible.

  1. Reclining pose

This pose is performed in a cross-legged seated position taking a steady breath. The palms should be placed on the knees; eyes closed, and take a deep breath in. As you exhale extend your spines over the wheel forming a straight-line. Then move back to the same position.

  1. Strengthening and toning of the full body:

There are dynamic ways you can use the yoga wheel intoning of the full body. Specific areas of the body can be targeted. By targeting one area at a time it takes to achieve the result more efficiently. The areas that can be targeted by using the yoga wheel are glutes, legs, upper or lower body, Core.

  1. Toning of Core and upper body:

These areas can be targeted into a modified plank pose simultaneously. This position can be performed by simply rolling the wheel forward and bringing the body into a straight-line position then restoring to full plank position. Repeating this exercise helps in strengthening and toning of arms, chest, and abs.

  1. Toning of glutes and lower body:

The area of body targeted in this stretch is glutes and lower body. This position starts in a standing position. The wheel is placed underneath the ankle. The ankle should be facing upwards. As you roll the wheel you bend your other leg and stretch the leg which is placed on the wheel. In this position, the glute muscles and front knee are engaged.

These two are the best examples of how to use a yoga wheel.

  1. Improving stability:
    1. Yoga wheel can be used in achieving stability in the body. It also cultivates strength in the body. Body postures are also enhanced by using yoga wheels.
    2. Malasana pose
    3. This pose is also known as yogi’s squat. This is a very challenging position as the whole body is balanced on the wheels. It cultivates strength, balance, and agility simultaneously.
    4. Toe stand:
    5. This is another pose in which balancing the body is done in the wheels. Here the balancing is done on one leg and stretching the other leg in front.
    6. These challenging poses give immense strength to the body. It improves posture and health.
  1. Child’s pose:

This is a restful and classic pose. This pose helps in stretching hips and glute muscles, lower back, and thighs. While performing this so you can feel a nice stretch in your chest and shoulders. This pose is performed by placing the knees on the floor and toes touching the floor. Sitting back on the heels and separating the knees. Now place the yoga wheel between the knees. Set hands at the top of the wheel inhale and exhale. Lean your tarsal’s and rolls the wheel while stretching your spines.

  1. Fish pose:

This pose is an excellent workout of the chest and back. Sit on the floor, with straight torso legs should be extended in front. Toes should point in an upward direction. Squeeze your inner thighs and hips. Yoga wheel should be placed behind the back, parallels aligned with the back and hands supporting. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale smoothly allow the wheel to move along with your body. This pose is difficult to balance but it helps a lot in releasing tension from muscles. You can modify it to a tougher version by bending the knees and feet placed flat on the floor. This modified version is more efficient and gives more fast results.

Yoga wheel can be treated as a support system in yoga training sessions. From the topics discussed till now, we know that this increases strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. It is also helpful in performing full-body workouts.

How you use a yoga wheel in your life:

The yoga wheel can be used in several diverse ways. Various dynamic postures can be performed with the help of a yoga wheel. Performing exercises on the yoga wheel is fun. It is not necessary to use the yoga wheel for yoga only. It can be used in various other practices also. Yoga benefits a lot from the wheel. It is a pretty handy tool that can help dynamically. This is can be used in performing high-intensity workouts and can burn a lot of calories. It can be used by athletes in achieving strength, flexibility, and immense balance in the body. It can also be used for healing purposes, in relieving pain. Some people spend a lot of money on massage parlor just to get rid of body pain. The yoga wheel is a very cost-efficient way for relaxing muscles and giving relief from pain.

It is very important to choose the right yoga wheel. As the popularity of the yoga wheel is growing, there are coming in various shapes and sizes. So it is very important to know how you should choose a yoga wheel that is fit for you.

You have to choose the yoga wheel according to your needs and specifications.

Large size yoga wheels are 5 inches wide and 12 inches high. These large yoga wheels are used to perform the long stretch.

Medium size yoga wheels are 4 inches wide and 10 inches high. These wheels are for intermediate to high-level yoga poses.

Small size wheels are 5 inches wide and 6 inches high. These are used for basic exercises such as stretching, flexibility, and releasing muscle tension.

Benefits of using yoga wheel:

Yoga is considered a good practice for both mind and body. So, the tools supporting yoga practices follow the same.

Although we should also follow the proper instructions or procedures for training through yoga wheels as our body posture might get distorted during this practice. Today many sources help us to enhance our wisdom and knowledge regarding how to use a yoga wheel. These videos not only teach us the correct way of using these wheels but also teach us to improvise our skills without much practice.

Not only that these videos deliberate us very good knowledge and skills regarding how to use a yoga wheel. With the help of these wheels, we can not only make our yoga posture better but also helps us to enhance our physical posture and muscles by providing us the correct way to do yoga. The major benefit of these wheels is that it helps us to do yoga practice individually without a trainer which saves money. There are many websites on which we can check how to use a yoga wheel.

The yoga wheels are present merely in different sizes for different yoga stances. You can check it on various official shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, myntra, shopclues, and much more. Although this website has many more products related to yoga and also for various needs you can find your desired product easily by searching it on their search bar not only that various customer feedback is also available for additional help regarding the product in which product description is also available.

By knowing how to use the yoga wheel can be used in bringing the benefit of yoga. Yoga wheels come into practice after the rise in the importance of yoga. It is advised by medical practitioners, gym trainers, fitness coaches, and our family doctors in our day to day life. Today many yoga institutes opt for yoga wheels for training their clients as it helps them to gain the correct yoga posture in very less time if we compare it with a person doing it without yoga wheels.

In many developed countries, many school organizations are providing yoga wheels to children to gain up their muscles and posture and also to take up yoga in practice in our day to day life. Today many Hollywood, Bollywood as well as many models, celebrities who have necessary to maintain their body posture are using these wheels to deliberate their strength in the correct way such that they can inherit their eternal shape much faster as compared to their previous workout. Due to their busy schedule, it is very tough for them to get time for formal workouts and yoga. Because of their busy schedule, they are not able to get ample time to practice yoga and relative workout. As we know that these exercises not only tone up our muscles but also improve our mental fitness as it is a synchronized system of different postures which includes meditation with exercise just like if we take Surya namesake as a part it is a combination of various exercises.


At last, the implementation of yoga wheels in our daily life correctly enhances our body fitness as it emphasizes our yoga to a next level which improves our blood circulation as well as enhances the rate of flow of oxygen in our body which further reduces various lung problems and also builds our immune system. But you should take much care when you are buying it from the shop or online stores in which you should check the size, material quality, durability, and much more so that you could get good yoga wheels. So we have discussed all the necessary information about how to use a yoga wheel.