How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat ? If you are one of those who does yoga at home, like me, this blog entry will be very useful. Here we share the way I effectively clean my mat every day after my practice. The ingredients are very easy to get, it is easy to prepare and very friendly to your pocket.

Before preparing this mixture, make sure that your mat can be cleaned with this type of spray. On the page where you bought it you can find information about it. How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat ?

How to clean lululemon yoga mat – In a spray jar mixes:

  • 3/4 of distilled water (I buy it in any pharmacy).
  • 1/4 of white vinegar.
  • 6 to 8 drops of tea tree oil (very easy to get too. Mine is Funat brand from the Carulla health food store).
  • You shake it before using it each time and voila!
  • Ideally, let the mat dry a little (5 to 10 minutes) before rolling it up.

If you have or get another oil other than tea tree you can also use it. I use this because personally I really like its smell and because it neutralizes the smell of vinegar.

Be careful and check that your mat is suitable for cleaning with this type of spray. Check the indications well before using it because there are some that the only way to wash them is with plenty of water and a little soap, otherwise they will stain.

Remember that even if you use a towel, your mat still absorbs sweat and it is necessary to clean it every time you sweat on it.

Regardless of how often you use your yoga mat, it will get dirty and wear out with use. Skin, oils, sweat, and dirt can penetrate the mat surface and accelerate its deterioration.

These elements can make your yoga practice difficult, because they make the mat slippery. By washing it regularly and giving it daily maintenance, you can extend the life of your yoga mat and continue enjoying clean sessions without the risk of slipping.

Determine The Right Time To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

You should give your yoga mat a full wash after a couple of months of use and more often if you don’t do regular maintenance or if you do yoga every day.

How to clean lululemon yoga mat advices:

  • This can not only extend the life of your mat, it will also prevent it from smelling bad and spreading bacteria.
  • If you do yoga every day, you can wash the mat once a month, especially in summer.
  • The more dust you see on your mat, the more likely you will need a deep wash.
  • If your yoga mat peels or falls apart into pieces that stick to your clothes, consider buying a new one.

#1 How to clean lululemon yoga mat – Soak Your Yoga Mat

Using a warm water solution and a mild detergent like dishwashing liquid, immerse your yoga mat in a bathtub and let it soak for a few minutes. This will help remove dirt, oils and all bad smells.

  • For yoga mats, two of the best mild cleansers are dishwashing liquid or hypoallergenic laundry detergent.
  • Don’t put too much detergent in the hot water. It doesn’t have to be a bubble bath, you just have to pour enough to clean the mat. Adding too much detergent can make the mat slippery and it will be difficult to do asanas.
  • Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid for every 4 liters (1 gallon) of warm tap water.
  • Some suggest using vinegar to wash the mat. Keep in mind that vinegar can leave a lasting and unpleasant aroma on the surface of the mat, which could make practicing yoga less enjoyable. Depending on the material of your mat, the vinegar may also wear down its quality.

#2 How to clean lululemon yoga mat – Wash The Mat By Hand With A Soft Cloth.

After soaking the mat for a few minutes, use a soft cloth to wash both sides of the mat. Clean each side well, especially in the areas where your hands and feet have the most contact.

  • You will notice the areas you use the most, because they have a slightly different color from the rest of the mat. Make sure you clean each side gently so you don’t wear down the mat or remove pieces.
  • If you don’t see bubbles from the detergent, don’t worry. Remember that you should only add enough detergent (and bubbles) to clean the mat and not leave it slippery.
  • Never wash your yoga mat in the washing machine.
  • Washing it in the washing machine can wear down its quality and make it useless for yoga, because it will make it too slippery.

#3 How to clean lululemon yoga mat –Rinse The Mat With Clean Water

Drain the bathtub where you put the mat and rinse the washed mat with clean water. This will help remove detergent residue and minimize the risk of ending up with a slippery mat.

  • Keep rinsing the mat until you see the water run out without residue.
  • If the water doesn’t come clean quickly, consider washing it again with the soft cloth.

#4 How to clean lululemon yoga mat – Remove Excess Water From The Mat

Shake the mat to remove water from the mat surface. Spread the mat out on a dry towel and roll both up to drain the rest of the water.

  • Don’t wring out the mat by twisting it! Otherwise it could break or deform.
  • Most effective in removing excess water is standing on the rolled mat and towel.

#5 How to clean lululemon yoga mat – Hang The Mat To Dry

When you’re done wringing out excess water, unroll the yoga mat from the towel. Hang it until it is dry.

  • You can hang it with trouser hangers, but keep in mind that they can leave marks.
  • If you have a rack for drying clothes, put the yoga mat on top. This will dry both sides effectively.

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

Know the importance of regular washing and maintenance

Dirt, oil and sweat can quickly wear down the quality of your mat, which can make it difficult to practice yoga. Doing simple maintenance tasks on your yoga mat after each use can extend its life and reduce the frequency of deep washes.

  • Whatever the frequency with which you practice, you can contribute to the maintenance of your mat by cleaning it and keeping your hands and feet clean.
  • If you do yoga daily or several times a week, it is important that you clean and store your mat properly after each use.

Wash your feet and hands

  • Your hands and feet constantly touch the mat. Since these body parts tend to get more dirty than others, wash your feet and hands before starting any yoga routine. This can extend the life of the mat and prevent bacteria from passing from your skin to the mat surface.
  • Washing your hands and feet will also remove residue from lotions and creams that can wear down the mat and make you slip during the routine.
  • If you can’t wash your hands and feet, take wet baby wipes with you to clean your palms and soles.
  • Clean the mat. Every time you practice yoga on your mat, clean it with either a damp baby cloth, yoga mat, or a cloth dampened with a little mild soap. This will help keep it clean and free of sweat, dust, and oils, but it will also extend its life.
  • Just clean the entire mat with the cloth of your choice and then let it dry before rolling it up. Clothes specially formulated for yoga mats are sold in physical or virtual sports stores.

If you decide to use wet baby cloths to clean your mat, buy soft ones that do not contain many detergents so that they do not leave the mat slippery.

If you decide to use a cloth dampened with a little detergent, be sure not to soak it with soap or water. Be sure to remove all detergent residue so that your mat is not slippery.

Put Towels On The Mat During Your Practice Sessions

  • If you sweat a lot or just want a layer between you and your mat, put a towel over it. The towels absorb excess moisture and will make it easier to grip your mat.
  • Consider buying a yoga towel. These highly absorbent towels have special handles that prevent the material (and you) from slipping on the mat.
  • You can buy yoga towels in some sports stores and in almost all virtual sports stores.

Periodically Air Your Mat

  • Almost everyone rolls up their yoga mat after each use and wash, leaving it tucked away in its respective bag in a corner of the house or studio. Letting the mat air out periodically helps evaporate traces of sweat or moisture and will keep it smelling fresh.
  • You can hang your mat on hangers or put it on a rack to dry clothes. You should make sure to air both sides of the mat, even if you only practice on one.
  • Just think about using the mat bag to carry it so you can air it out well after each use.
  • Keep your mat in a dark, cold and dry place. This will prevent it from accumulating excess moisture, which can spread bacteria.

Other Tips – How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

  • Read the manufacturer’s specifications well to make sure you can wash your mat with the methods we’ve mentioned.
  • Roll up the mat when not in use. Yoga mats attract dust and dirt.
  • You can think about using your own mat in the yoga studio. If not possible, find out how often the studio washes the rugs. If someone has the flu or a contagious skin problem and uses a study mat, you could risk getting the same.

Now You know exactly How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat!