How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

Are you looking for ways on how to clean Jade Yoga Mat? This article is for you. Here, we will discuss simple procedures to assist you in understanding how to clean jade yoga mat. Keep reading!

You are already aware that yoga assists you attain a clear mind state as you begin your day and recharge following a tiresome day’s work. However, do you realize that failing to clean your yoga mat correctly may expose you to disease-causing microorganisms?

Practiced for more than hundreds of years, yoga remains one of the greatest technical ways to preserve good health. It keeps you in good shape, and its emphasis on various meditation and breathing patterns that works on the human mind.

Unlike the gyms, yoga does not require the use of hefty tools. However, yogis across the world have been on the lookout for something that will help in their exercises.

Yoga comprises several turns, poses, and twists, and therefore without a firm grasp on the floor, you are in for injuries and, consequently, the development of the yoga mat.

Thoughtfully designed, there are several types of yoga mats accessible in the marketplace, and one may choose freely depending on their requirements and budget. Jade Yoga is amongst the top global firms that manufacture yoga mat.

The Reasons for Cleaning Jade Yoga Mat

Your jade yoga mat could become a bacteria and infections breeding ground if not cared for regularly. Oil, sweat, grime, creams, lotions, deodorants, and everything you apply on your body are moved to your mat when you exercise.

Jade yoga mats are absorbent rubber mats, open-cells made from regular latex, and, therefore, very porous. In addition to this, the grime on your feet and hands and the bacteria present on the floor may easily infect the mat. If you exercise yoga in a studio, then your mat is more predisposed to getting infected.

For instance, ringworms are some of the most frequently found germs on unclean yoga mats. Therefore, unless you properly clean your yoga mat, you are doing to yourself more damage than good. Moreover, cleaning means that your mat lasts longer.

How Often Should Jade Yoga Mat Be Cleaned?

Your usage will determine the regularity of yoga mat cleaning. If you don’t exercise each day or exercise light exercises, you may clean it once a week. On the other hand, if you exercise hot practice or yoga for a long time each day or sweat a lot, then it’s best advisable to clean your yoga mat more frequently.

Professionals recommend having a spray bottle with a clean solution near your mat to make sure you remember to spray the cloth each day after finishing your session. Cleaning your yoga mats must become part of your yoga exercises. Deep cleaning requires to be carried out once each month or once every couple of months.

3 Major Ways of Cleaning Jade Yoga Mat

  1. Light Cleaning Or Regular Maintenance

Light cleaning or regular maintenance of yoga mats is an important activity. There are various ways of cleaning yoga mats. Similarly, there are some ways to get your jade yoga mat cleaned in a hustle freeway regularly. These include a number of the deep cleaning session as discussed below.

  • Use of distilled water

The finest way to maintain your yoga mat is to wipe it regularly by the use of distilled water following each use. Utilizing a microfiber towel is essential as the cotton fiber doesn’t get trapped on the mat’s surface. Ensure to wipe your mat from bottom to the top to make sure thorough cleaning.

  • Use of Vinegar

If you intend to use vinegar, you may opt to prepare the solution and keep it for everyday usage. Mix three portions of filtered water with a single vinegar part and store it using a spray bottle. Spray this on the yoga mat and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

You may as well spray the solution on the cloth and wipe the yoga mat with it. Why use vinegar? Ordinary rubber dissolves and, with time, breaks down within a matter of time. To this extent therefore, vinegar helps restore the material and brings it back to its original form, hence restoring the grip.

  • Mild soap and water

A yoga mat may also be cleaned using a diluted mild liquid soap and water. While using this method, blend four liquid drops of soap and two water cups and then spray it on the mat. The mat should be wiped thoroughly by the use of a damp cloth or sponge.

Refrain from using any abrasive material, including a scrubber or steel wool. Similarly, do not wipe your mat forcefully. You should also be cautious about the quantity of soap you use because excess spa would make the yoga mat slippery.

  • Hosepipe water spray

You may as well spray your yoga mat with water using a hosepipe. This may be carried out in the yard. While using this method, it’s advisable to use a soft sponge and brush and mild liquid soap to scrub it. In addition to this, do not exert a lot of force while rubbing the mat.

  1. Deep cleaning

Yoga mats need a deep cleaning for at least once a month or once in a couple of months. The frequency of your yoga sessions determines this and how much every individual sweat. This works best in a bathtub.

Usually, in deep cleaning, you should fill your bathtub with warm water and add mild organic soap or liquid soap. Place your yoga mat in the tub and allow it to go down to the bottom for 20 to 35 minutes. Oils and dirt deposited on the mat will be freed into the water, and you may notice them detached and floating on the water surface. After this, wipe the mat using a soft cloth to remove any dirt that might have remained.

One vital point to note during this procedure is that you should not drain the bathtub with the mat still in it. If this happens, every dirt that was released from the mat gets attached to it once again.

  1. Plant-based spray cleaning

Jade Yoga has its specific plant-based mat wash that is meant specifically for ordinary latex yoga mats. Prepared using eucalyptus oil, thyme, and oregano, these clean washes your mat and leaves it with a mild, natural, and pleasant scent. Similarly, it comprises of antioxidants that extends the life span of the mat. These are just a few ways on how to clean jade yoga mat to preserve its hygiene and durability.

Drying Your Jade Yoga Mat

One of the things to remember about yoga mats is that you should not dry it in the sun. Dangerous UV rays from the sun may permanently destroy your natural latex yoga mat. Moreover, I will as well cause fading of the yoga mat color. You should put it in a well-ventilated place with no direct contact with the sunlight.

In case you clean your mat in a bathtub, you should first get rid of the excess water on the mat before putting it at someplace to dry. Place bath towels on both sides of the mat and roll it along with the bath towel.

After this, you should exert some pressure on the roll through standing on it or else simply with your hands to get rid of the extra water as much as possible. After this, you may hang the yoga mat to dry. It could take more than one day to dry. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan accordingly.

Some Things to Remember About How to Clean Jade Yoga Mat

  • Since yoga mats are manufactured from diverse materials, every one of them requires a distinct cleaning process. Remember that you should not clean natural latex yoga mat with essential oils as they make them decompose faster.
  • You should also be careful about the quantity and type of soap you utilize. It is advisable to use mild dish soap only or another liquid detergent. However, do not use strong detergents.
  • Plan well before deep cleaning to ensure that you are not in a hurry to dry it. In addition to this, never use a drier.
  • Using a common and shared yoga mat may also be dangerous if the studio is not attentive to cleaning. It’s best to take with you your mat anytime you have plans to exercise.

How Many Times Should A Yoga Mat Be Cleaned?

The number of times to clean a yoga mat depends on the intensity of the yoga sessions. Usually, you may practice a week before the mats require a decent wipe down. In case you sweat a lot, or the mat keeps some scent, it should be cleaned more often. However, it’s also important to note that some types of mats caution over-cleaning, which may cause them to wear out more quickly.


A clean yoga mat simply has more satisfactory practice sessions. Reliant on your yoga sessions’ regularity, you might be required to change your yoga mat one time every year or else once every couple of years.