How Much Is A Yoga Mat ? 5 Best Yoga Mats You Can Buy

Paying $5 for a yoga mat may cause disaster while practicing poses such as the downward-facing dog.

The wrong mats could make an inadequate physical and spiritual basis in an individual’s journey to stretching and meditation.

Yoga mat costs range from $7 to $200 or more on Amazon. However, even for something simple as a Yoga mat, yoga professionals say that cheaper mats will not be suitable for your warrior posture or also while practicing downward facing dog in addition to your wellbeing. Sadie Nardini, the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, said that “you get what you pay for.”

Incurring more than $90 may appear excessive; however, those yoga mats are likely to last for long due to their durable material. In addition to this, these mats come along with guarantees. Leigh’s mat cost $ 120 about six years ago when she purchased it. This translates into $20 every year. To her, she would rather incur more cost on a mat she would love to exercise on rather than buy mats year-off-year out.

However, you do not need to incur hundreds of dollars to acquire high-quality yoga mats. A reasonable rate ranges anywhere, starting from $50 to $100. What is more costly is likely to come with perks from the manufacturers like guaranteed quality or stress-free replacements if they deteriorate, said Leigh Angela, Programs director at Pure Yogi.

A wrong yoga mat makes a yoga class more challenging and may lead to injury, said McGwin Gerald, a director associate at the Center of Injury Sciences at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. In reference to research conducted by McGwin, between 2001 and year 2014, nearly 25,000 Americans experienced yoga-related injuries.

Common Injuries may include fractures or sprains. While the injuries may not directly be attributed to the yoga mat, you could simply see that the mat played a role. To this extent, therefore, having the correct sports tools is crucial in most physical activities and sports, and similarly, yoga practice is no exemption. In some instances, low-priced mats that become slippery from sweat may cause a person to miss their grip.

To prevent this, some mats are designed as sweatproof, through moisture absorption like cotton or the reason that they may be wiped dry with ease. Even though a yoga mat may lead to less glassy yoga classes, it’s essential to clean it exhaustively after use or after every few uses. This is because, as discussed earlier, yoga mats may hold bacteria and cause infections if they are not washed regularly.

A yoga mat texture ought to feel comfortable for yogi’s feet and hands. Similarly, a thinner yoga mat may be better for balance, whilst a spongy yoga mat may go easier on knees and elbows. The standard mats are one-eighth inches thick; however, they may be anywhere ranging between 1/16 inches and ¼ inches. Additionally, mats falling on the lower price end will be spongier compared to others.

McGwin’s mat costs $120; however, he says good yoga mats have prices ranging from $50 to $75. In addition to this, mats with more rough texture may hold more bacteria than smooth and slick mats.

Most yoga mats are made of PVC, a particular type of Vinyl; however, there’re other eco-friendly alternatives such as jute and cotton, which may be more costly compared to PVC yoga mats.

5 Best Mats You Can Buy

To begin practicing yoga, the first thing you need is a good yoga mat. If you have practiced yoga before, you are aware that yoga mats are not made equally. Every material and style caters to a distinct set of goals and needs. Subtle changes may either hurt or help your unique movement patterns and the typical pains and aches that come with any pose.

Several factors are put into consideration when looking for the yoga mat that best suits your needs. These include; portability and size. This is because you will need to carry the mat with you every day to the yoga studio or gym unless if you exercise yoga at home.

Some mats are more extended, while others are shorter. However, many yoga practitioners are okay with the typical length. While some people prefer sticky mats that prevent them from sliding, other people find them annoying. Similarly, the other goes with the comparative thinness or thickness of the mat. Most mats are moderately slim. However, others are heavy to provide additional protection and cushion for the joints.

The material types used and durability are also a key consideration when deciding on the right yoga mat to buy. In this section, we will look at some of the yoga mats you can buy in 2020. Therefore, to this extent, we are going to look at how much is a yoga mat while guiding you to find the most suitable yoga mat for your yoga needs and priorities.

  1. Manduka Yoga Mat-PROLite

Manduka Yoga Mat-PROLite offers just the right padding amount without being too clunky and thick. In addition to this, the price remains relatively low even with the non-slip grip and sustainable materials. Whether you are exercising yoga daily or just stretching once a while, the 4.7 mm heavy mat will protect your knees, hands, and feet against the hard floor and provide support to your back while relaxing into savasana.

Manduka Yoga Mat-PROLite price stands above $20. However, this mat comes with life assurance and makes sure that you do not lose your mat to peeling, flaking, and or fading. Whereas some yoga mats weaken over time, Manduka Yoga Mat-PROLite only gets better.

In my 15 years of yoga exercises, I prefer a yoga mat that wicks away sweat, moisture, and dirt rather than absorbing it. Manduka PROLite closed cells does precisely that. In addition to this, this yoga mat is comfortable to treat and clean. Sea salt and vinegar are recommendable for helping break the texture of the mat and restore its trippiness to the surface.

Manduka PROLite Mat goes for $51 on Amazon. However, this price may vary from time to time.

  1. Liforme Yoga Mat

This yoga mat has an alignment system on its surface that will help you realize your balance, symmetry, and proper footing in every pose. Whichever type of yoga you practice, appropriate alignment is a crucial part of learning poses and their transitions.

The first thing to notice about Liforme Mat is its discrete shapes, lines, and markers imprinted into the mat’s surface to help you place your limbs accurately and mindfully as you exercise. This type of yoga mat is considerably broader and longer compared to most of the mats. As such, you will never feel confined and cramped.

Liforme yoga mat costs $149.95 on Amazon.

  1. Prana ECO Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is made from 100% non-toxic, sustainable materials completely reusable. Unnatural rubbers and synthetic materials utilized in yoga mats became less favorable to the yoga community as the exercise spread across the world besides international environmental concerns. Prana is a renowned yoga brand, and therefore, the ECO yoga mat is among the best among a list of several professionals.

This yoga mat is super sticky, ensuring that your feet and hands do not slide; however, the material used might not be the best cushioning choice to protect the back and knees from floor pressure. This mat yet has two sides. Therefore it may be rotated from front to back, ensuring that it lasts long and wears evenly.

If looking for a lighter yoga mat or environmentally-friendly choice at less than $50, Prana ECO Mat is a cheaper way to attempt something new. Prana ECO Yoga Mat cots $47.95 on Amazon; however, this price may vary from time to time.

  1. Gaiam Yoga Mat–Print Premium

The Gaiam Yoga Mat-Print Premium is very affordable and features exciting design possibilities to make you smile while you exercise. The first thing to note about this mat is the colors and prints options you may choose. There is some comfort about using on a colorful mat. In addition to this, this mat is affordable compared to some other types costing $21.99.

In addition to this, this mat is 5mm thick, cushioning you from harm. The PVC material keeps it portable as a result of the lightweight. Gaiam non-slip surface works well for many casual users. However, in case you sweat a lot, you might require a grippier service. While in your first stages of yoga introduction exercises with no massive investment, Gaiam Yoga Mat-Print Premium is a perfect choice. Gaiam Yoga Mat-Print Premium costs from as low as $22.48 on Amazon; however, this price varies.

  1. Manduka’s Eko SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is lightweight and slim enough to carry with you comfortably. It’s the thinner, lighter version of Manduka’s highest-ranking option. Manduka Eko SuperLite Travel Mat is made of scrim woven material that doesn’t stretch or tear. It is foldable and, therefore, may be carried in your backpack.

However, this mat is reasonably priced; but, it is not a perfect option for every environment due to its lightweight flexibility. For heavy sweating yogis, this yoga mat may not prevent you from slipping. The price for Manduka Eko SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat starts at $44.

How much is a yoga mat – Conclusion

As outlined, it’s essential to be aware of your specific needs as this will determine how much is a yoga mat that you would like to buy and the type that best suits your needs. It’s also vital to consider the thickness, material, and texture of the preferred yoga mat. While a thin mat may be useful for balance poses, it’s not best to look for cushioned support. Similarly, the material will determine stickiness, texture, eco-friendliness, as well as the sponginess. Most mats are made of either rubber or Vinyl. Vinyl is more durable and may endure many yoga sessions. On the other hand, rubber mats usually have cotton and jute and, therefore, more environmentally friendly.

In addition to this, the texture of a mat will determine the traction amount. If you sweat a lot in yoga sessions, a grippy yoga may prevent you from slipping. In case you are bothered by the rough texture, ensure the smooth yoga mat has a moisture regulation mechanism.