How Much Does A Yoga Instructor Make ?

Yoga, in all its spiritual complexity, is being utilized in a more simplistic way by people on a daily basis. That is in no way considered to be wrong as they understandably have a great deal of burden to carry every single day. The pressure exerted from a boss at work, friends, and family in the social circle, or just themselves when they feel like they are failures can be a lot to take. Times like these yoga is an ideal practice to turn to in order to relieve some of the crushing weight introduced by the abundant tensions in life. Some people even turn to it to such an extent that they become professionals in the department and end up being yoga instructors. If you want to be one too and you are wondering how much does a yoga instructor make we can help you figure out the dynamics and where you might stand as one.

What Makes You Want To Be A Yoga Instructor:

This question is a highly important one to ask and consider before you delve deeply into the act of being a yoga instructor. A lot of people have no clue about the history of yoga or even the depth of the spiritual tendencies that lie beneath the surface of the various Asanas and breathing exercises that they practice. Though they may be a part of yoga and its teachings they are far from the entirety of it. Money is of course a decidedly important aspect when choosing a career, as you will have to make a living off of it and sustain yourself enough so you can live comfortably. However, that does not mean that you only base your decision on the question of how much does a yoga instructor make. When you indulge in such a spiritual activity that aspires to create an internal balance and promote mental and physical wellbeing as well as spiritual cleansing. Yes, you should keep the monetary aspects in your mind when going for something but do not let that be the focal point that drives you to opt to be a yoga instructor. Find your balance and act accordingly.

The Cons Of Free Services:

There is a point you need to consider if you want to be a yoga instructor. People are nuts when it comes to free services. They adore the idea of not having to pay for something if they are being offered a similar service or product completely for free. This concept also applies to yoga. The Internet for one is itself a means of getting most things for free. There are abundant articles posted like the one you are reading right at this moment. They enlighten people not only about the importance of yoga but also give detailed steps for every single yoga pose so people can do it all on their own. The people in the modern age are basing a lot of the advancements on the concept of convenience as that is what most customers seem to want. This will make matters a lot harder for you as a yoga instructor if people do not even think it is worth going all the way to a yoga studio if they can just use the Internet and do it inside their own homes. It lowers the hassle for them and in their eyes gives just about the same results. This can effectively hinder you from making a lot of money as a yoga instructor for sure. It can take a whole lot of time for you to build a worthy reputation that draws people in as they start to become willing to take the chance with you instead of the confines of their homes. There are also a lot of people who think it is a fun pastime doing yoga and teaching it to others for free. While that is a good thing for sure, it can be a little problematic for you as once again it is likely that most people will opt for the former option rather than spending a couple of bucks on you every month.

How Much Does A Yoga Instructor Make:

Before even getting into the actual statistics and numbers you should know that there is absolutely no constant when it comes to making money. Different people can do the same kind of job in different ways. On a general level, if we consider the statistics of yoga teachers earning money, around $15 belong to 10% of the low end of the pay of yoga teachers and $50 belong to 10% of the high end. That should at least give you an estimate and somewhat answer your question of how much does a yoga instructor make. This is of course the rate that stands per class on a general level though you can lower or increase it as per your will. It depends on the kind of approach you want to take with your customers. If you want to know about all the factors that can impact how much money you are likely to be paid, read on to have a fair idea.

Factors Impacting The Pay Of A Yoga Instructor:

1. Stance:

The very first and actually one of the most important factors is your stance. If the yoga studio where you work is offering people the kind of experience that they want they will instantly be drawn in without a single doubt. Your message and way of perceiving things need to resonate with them for them to find some appeal in your teachings and instructions. Some people may only be focused on the Asanas and finding value in the poses so they can be relieved from spontaneous bursts of physical pain. Some people are more interested in the spiritual aspects and want to have a deeper insight into every single exercise so it is not only their body that can get healing but also their very soul. The kind of image that you create for yourself can truly decide how many people you can lure in to instruct.

2. Level Of Experience:

Experience usually matters whenever you are selling either products or services. People need to know that they are not just being served a stinking pile of bogus on a pretty silver platter. They need to know that the money that they are spending is actually worth it. If you have had a great deal of experience when it comes to practicing and teaching yoga they might be far more trusting and confident about your skills. Your reputation will also be a deciding factor as the input from other people could really help them come to the decision about whether or not you deserve a chance. This is why as you build your reputation, you should be careful to generate honest and positive vibes. The experience will simply add on the more time you keep giving it. A good aspect resulting from this also might be that the more experience you have, the more popularity your yoga studio will have, which can allow you to increase your prices as people will already have been hooked in anyways.

3. Number Of Classes:

It is not only the rate of every single class that you set that will determine just how much you are going to earn from teaching yoga. It is also the number of classes that you are offering every week. Clearly, the amount that you would generate by offering two classes per week would have nothing on the amount you could earn by offering classes six days per week. This depends on whether teaching yoga is your primary source of income or not. If this is something you just want to do part-time you may not be able to allocate too many hours to it. That will most likely lower the number of classes you take per week and hence of course the amount that you are likely to earn as well.

4. Additional Costs:

Now, you may be earning money but what about all the costs that will drain it instantly? If you have a yoga studio of your own you might have to worry about overhead costs, the rent, and the amount you might pay any other teachers offering their experience and skills. The list is simply endless but it is one that you need to spare a thought to. These days it has been observed that offering classes virtually has been on the rise. They have far lesser costs as compared to running a yoga studio and also allow people the convenience of doing yoga at home. That does make it an option worth considering.


If you have been asking yourself the question ‘how much does a yoga instructor make’ you probably at least have an estimate even if not a concrete amount by now. Just remember that your approach may not be similar to that of others. It all depends on you, your skills, and how you display them to keep your customers satisfied.