Discover How Many Calories Burned In Yoga You Will Get After Reading This

It may look calm and effortless, but yoga is more intense than you think. Not for nothing is an ancient discipline capable of balancing body and mind. Finally know How Many Calories Burned In Yoga You can easily have.

We all associate the practice of this ancient discipline with relaxation and flexibility. We tell you why it also helps to have a healthy weight.

When they talk about yoga, we immediately associate their practice with meditation, relaxation and flexibility of the body.

We know its benefits and we know that it is the first thing that we recommend when we are past stress and we need to change. But few of us know that it has other benefits: you can use yoga to lose weight and tone your body. We tell you how and why.

In fact, according to a study by Harvard University , you can burn up to200 calories in just 30 minutes.

But is this the same for all types of yoga? No, indeed there are some more power than others and here we tell you.

Yoga for weight loss

There are different types of classes and, although many of them aim at relaxation and are less associated with what we usually understand by physical activity, there are others that are more intense and require physical effort that has excellent results if you seek to tone the body. and lose weight. How Many Calories Does Hot Yoga Burn

Precisely, due to the intensity of some classes and postures, it has effects that we sometimes underestimate:

  • It helps to develop and tone the muscles, demanding effort from certain parts of the body where more fat is concentrated.
  • Accelerates metabolism: especially in intense postures, which raise the heart rate in a very healthy way.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress, which are factors associated with being overweight.
  • Allows you to control breathing and promotes blood circulation.
  • It improves digestion, allowing the body to take full advantage of the nutrients in food and avoiding the accumulation of fats.

How Many Calories Burned In Yoga

to lose weight?

The first thing we must understand is that, being a discipline that teaches to calm the mind and better navigate emotions, it allows us to control situations of emotional hunger and maintain better healthy eating habits, which contributes greatly to weight loss.

So much so that, after advancing various studies, the National Institute of Health of the United States concluded that, for its physical, mental and social benefits, yoga is an integral tool for losing weight.But let’s go to the concrete.

Why does yoga lose weight? For various reasons. One of the main ones has to do with asanas or postures, which tone the muscles and allow the body to function better, promoting the release of toxins and improving circulation.

By getting more and better oxygenated, the body works better and we have more physical and psychological energy to control the desire to eat.

But not everything is running and weight training if we talk about exercising.

Yoga can also be part of the “bikini operation” and can be the perfect complement to your fitness routine. According to the LiveStrong Foundation , doing Bikram Yoga can eliminate 800 calories in one hour of exercise.

Therefore, if you want to improve your health and also lose a few extra kilos, perhaps you should focus on the type of yoga that suits your needs and leave the gym that you hate so much.

You sometimes hear the question, ” How Many Calories Burned In Yoga Can I Actually Have?” Or; is yoga a good complement to lose weight and stay healthy? “

Well, scroll down for the answers to these questions.

How Many Calories Burned In Yoga Can You Get Mixing Styles?

There are different forms of yoga, and the amount of calories expended varies depending on the type of yoga practiced, as the purpose of these types of yoga varies. And now let’s talk about numbers!

  • Calories Burned with Ashtanga Yoga

The word “Ashtanga” means the eight members and refers to the eight spiritual practices described in the Yoga sutras.

The Yoga sutras constitute the founding text of yoga which still refers today. Ashtanga yoga has six series of postures, with a level of difficulty increasing from series to series.

This type of yoga is also known as Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. About 300 calories are burned per hour with this type of yoga – the equivalent of an hour of brisk walking.

  • Calories burned with Power yoga

Power yoga is particularly fashionable. It is actually an adapted version of Ashtanga yoga where the yoga postures are more intense, because they are performed more quickly.

In some cases, Power yoga refers to a shorter session, about 45 minutes, compared to the 60 or 90 minutes that a normal course lasts.

However there are not many differences in terms of benefit because the session is shorter. The number of calories expended is similar to that of Ashtanga yoga, i.e. around 300 calories per hour.·

  • Calories burned with Hatha yoga

It is the most common and gentle type of yoga. The emphasis is placed on basic postures with particular attention paid to breathing techniques.

For most people in the Western world, when we talk about yoga, we are just talking about Hatha yoga.

This type of yoga is practiced for physical and mental well-being. As it is the sweetest yoga, the number of calories is lower in comparison with Power yoga or Ashtanga Vinyasa. About 175 calories burned with yoga which corresponds to an hour of slow walking.

  • Calories burned with Vinyasa yoga

It is a dynamic form of yoga and each posture is linked to one another. This link is created by a succession of traditional postures which gives a dynamic fluidity between the different postures.

The most commonly practiced postures are sun salutations. This type of yoga can burn 445 calories per hour. This is equivalent to an hour of cycling without forcing.

  • Calories burned with Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga. This type of yoga is practiced in a room heated to 40 ° C with a humidity level maintained at 40%.

It consists of a course of 26 postures, which are accompanied by a specific speech and breathing techniques.

The number of calories burned by yoga is highest, with 630 calories per hour, which is equivalent to one hour of jogging.

However, some yoga enthusiasts consider it not the best way to burn calories. Now that you know the amount of How Many Calories Burned In Yoga you will get, you can relax and continue practicing yoga while reaping the maximum benefit .

Let’s move forward and find out!

Benefits of yoga in general

If you have doubts, we detail other advantages of practicing this ancient discipline on a regular basis.

  • Relieves tension and contractures: periodic practice is a natural method to get rid of accumulated tension on a daily basis, both in the physical and mental body.
  • Increase inner peace: true peace is within us. Along with meditation, it is one of the most effective tools to “calm the demons” and achieve a balance between body and mind. It is a safe way to live lighter.
  • Strengthens the immune system: When something worries us too much or we have a lot of stress or periods of depression, our immune system becomes unbalanced and can trigger diseases. Recovering stability adds health.

It helps us live more consciously and inhabit the present: many times our mind is like a lattice monkey and it comes and goes to the past and the future, with little or no record of the present. Meditative disciplines connect us with today and improve the quality of daily life.

  1. Improve social relationships: practitioners tend to be charged with energy and positivity in classes, because they manage to have a more relaxed mind. That inner well-being has a clear impact on ties and often infects those around us.
  2. It helps to renew energy: if we take a few minutes to stretch our bodies, breathe consciously and relax our minds, we will be able to replenish the energy lost throughout an intense day.
  3. Improves flexibility and posture: helps achieve a strong, flexible body and more toned muscles.

Remember that the way to maintain an adequate weight is to carry out a healthy diet and that the ideal is to combine these types of activities with some that are more aerobic, such as walking or running on a treadmill or using an elliptical walker or stationary bicycle. In this way, you can burn calories with Yoga fast and take better care of your health.


  • Yoga reduces stress

Yoga may not be very effective in burning calories , but it is very favorable for controlling factors that encourage us to gain weight, such as stress .

Are you going to start practicing yoga? These are the elements that you should know.

Since stress contributes to eating more and worse as well as storing more fats, practicing yoga can be truly effective in reducing your levels and thus helping us lose weight .

In fact, a study indicates that it can be just as effective as walking when losing weight and reducing abdominal fat .

  • Helps you maintain and gain muscle mass

Although it is not as effective as performing weight training exercises or a routine based on multi-joint and loaded exercises , with the practice of yoga we can tone different muscles : from the middle of the body to the extremities .

Therefore, we can maintain and even gain muscle mass with the help of yoga, this being very favorable to burn more calories at rest and keep our metabolism active .

  • Improve night rest

The night sleep or quality of the sleep is, along with diet and training, key time to lose weight.

A research conducted in men and published last year found the usefulness of yoga at the time of weight control and obesity long term, influencing positively on sleep and rest overnight .

When we sleep poorly or little, we experience more hunger and less satiety , hence weight loss is difficult and we are more likely to gain weight. Therefore, the practice of yoga that helps us sleep more and better can be favorable when losing weight .

  • Improves self-control and recognition of body signals

The yoga requires a lot of body awareness and encourages it, helping in one way or another to the self not only physical aspects but also of emotions, inner feelings and others.

Thus, yoga can promote the identification of hunger and satiety , as well as appetite . It can also help us to have a more conscious diet , more suited to our needs but with pleasant sensations when eating foods that we like.

For all this also, yoga can be useful when losing weight taking care of the body’s health.

We already see that there are many other aspects of exercise, beyond the burning of calories , that are of great help when it comes to losing weight and yoga has shown it.

Yoga + Pilates to burn calories with Yoga fast

Both Yoga and Pilates are disciplines that will help us improve our body posture , not only during classes, but throughout the day you will how many Calories Burned In Yoga mixed with pilates.

This is achieved thanks to the work of our central or core area that we do in both classes, and that is that this musculature is a good part responsible for our posture. It will also improve our body alignment in the same way.

Both Pilates and Yoga work joint mobility and flexibility , thus allowing us to gain in quality of life and make an investment in our health in the long term.

We must bear in mind that flexibility is a basic physical characteristic that is worked on and in which improvements are achieved over time: it is never too late to start and it will always benefit us, both in our daily life and in the practice of Another sports.

They also agree that there is not a single “master line” to follow in Pilates and Yoga : in the case of Yoga we have seen different types that differ from each other when it comes to being more fluid, more dedicated to the physical or spiritual part .