Kiss Your Lower Body Pain Goodbye With Hip Opening Yoga

If you have just crossed the 35-year mark you might have noticed spontaneous bursts of pain in at least one part of your body. This though may be completely natural and is probably bound to make itself known with age, is not going to make you feel any more at ease. You may be spending your days wincing and muttering a string of violent curses every time a hasty movement triggers pain to bloom out of absolutely nowhere. That sure is an annoying situation and one that you might be trying to find the solution for. Well, you do not need to look any further because we have one ready for you and it is called yoga. There is a good possibility that you have heard plenty of stories about how much yoga has benefitted people with various aches. The stories are all true. The one in particular that we will be focusing on is hip opening yoga and it will do you a measure of good if you give it a chance.

What Is Hip Opening Yoga:

You may have noticed that hip pains are actually not that uncommon and there may come a point when you may have to confront it too. It is always better to have preventative measures in place so you do not need to come to terms with it. One of the ways that you can ensure that is through hip opening yoga due to its plethora of benefits aimed at the particular area. Hip opener exercises are specific Asanas that have the main function of introducing mobility in your hips and freeing up tightened joints. This may not sound as impressive when you read it in an article but it sure will feel amazing when your hips are free from annoyingly persistent pain that is likely to plague you at some point in your life.

Benefits Of Hip Opening Yoga:

Hip opening yoga has several benefits that you should definitely go over. They just may convince you that you should incorporate these exercises at some point in your daily routine to get at least a few of the abundant worries off your back.

1. Lowers Back Pain:

This may be one of the most obvious reasons to opt for hip opening yoga out there and yet it is also the most important one. Anyone who has gone through that pain knows just how much of a hassle it is to go through it. Even the minutest tasks end up shooting small bursts of pain that feel like they zing up your spine. If there is something you need to pick up from the floor, that turns into a struggle of its own. Bending when you have back pain is probably the worst idea out there and yet sometimes it is unavoidable. That goes to show that you need a solution to end your back problems once and for all if you are plagued with them. This is why you need hip opening yoga to ensure that they get off your back. That is not just good when used as a pun; it also follows through with the promise. You may be wondering what the back has to do with your lower body and how these exercises can treat the pain in an area that they do not even directly target. Tight hips can actually impact the spine pretty badly as they receive very little support there. The back clearly has a lot to do with the spine that shows how the pain travels there and how introducing more mobility to the hips can also go on to lower your back pain.

2. Relieves Lingering Anxieties:

The hip opener exercises are not only superb to reduce any physical pains. They can also be aimed at the mental ones as most yoga poses end up doing. That is what truly sets them apart and makes them worth giving a genuine shot including these. They are known to release a kind of energy that you can feel coursing through your body. It is a great malady when it comes to stress and anxiety. There is also a theory that negative feelings get stored in the hips as they offer up support to the reproductive organs that are known to be highly important and can be the means through which new life is created. Opening up the hips will not only lower any pains there but also be an outlet for the negative emotions that may have been building up there all along. Whether or not you find this theory skeptical and one worth believing would you really want to take any chances if the other alternative was letting negativity blossom inside you, poisoning you?

3. Stretches Muscles:

Does anyone truly need to be educated on just how excruciating the pain of arthritis can be? If you have a basic idea of how much people suffer when they have it would you not want to go to any lengths to avoid you being stuck with the same condition too? Well, lucky for you, you do not have to go to any excessive lengths and embark on a journey to seek the elixir of youth to achieve it. All you need to do is opt for hip opening yoga that will easily do the job for you. It is important to stretch your muscles from an earlier age itself to prevent such issues from arising at all. It will certainly introduce a level of flexibility that will not only help you in the long-term but also short-term tasks that will likely be easier to manage.

4. Adds To The Power:

Athletes have to train a great deal to get the kind of mobility and strength that they end up getting. Whether it is wrestling, tennis, cricket, or any other activity where an extreme range of motion is required they need to be in tip-top shape. If that is not the case they cannot give their best performance to wow the audience and lead themselves and their teams to victory. When you land an impressive punch most people would advise you to rotate your hips to add more power to it. When a batsman is eyeing the green blur rapidly hurtling towards them they may swivel their hips as their bat connects with the ball to hit a perfect six as it shoots past the boundary. This shows just how important it is to have some flexibility and motion in the hip area especially for people who play sports or have other physically challenging activities lined up.

Happy Baby Pose:

One of the poses that you can consider to give your hips some form of movement is through the happy baby pose. This will require you to lie back on your mat and bend your knees towards your armpits as your hands reach out to touch and latch onto your feet. It is not only a matter of holding them but also pressing down on them so that some resistance is created. If you really want your groin to feel more of the impact you can even gently rock from start to side.

Eagle Pose:

This pose is a tad bit more challenging than the happy baby pose, to say the least. Not only will it give your hips the flexibility they need but it will also improve your balance. To start off with, you should have your knees slightly bent as you hook your left foot behind your right calf. Do not go too high up, as you will probably end up toppling on the floor. Twist your arms around each other as you hold them in front of you so that one of your elbows is supporting the other. This may look a little intimidatingly complicated but it is well worth the effort.

One-Legged King Pigeon Pose:

You must admit that we have all wanted to be a pigeon at some point and now is your chance to reveal your inner pigeon with this pose. Start on all fours as you bring your right knee to the front in a bent position. Have your left knee bending backward in a way that your left arm can stretch back and bend at the elbow, allowing your hand to grip your foot tightly. Your other arm may be upfront and fairly relaxed, unlike the other one. It sounds extremely complex undoubtedly but once you get the hang of it you will be impressed at just how relieved your hips feel.


Hip opening yoga is probably one of the best ways to relieve and prevent any hip and even back pain that might show up at some point in time. Do not let yourself drown in those miseries and curse your very existence. Instead, work towards making the problem better by trying out the exercises listed here. It will truly work wonders for the pain plaguing you in that area and have your body releasing a sigh of relief.