Kickstart Your Days With HIIT Yoga

Yoga is often associated with peace and mindfulness. If ever a person asks you what vibe you get when you think of yoga, you just might answer positivity, self-love, and the numerous other calming effects it is widely known for. No one would blame you for it because that is the reputation that it has earned for itself for the most part. However, to the immense surprise of a not so shocking number of people, yoga actually has the tendency to kick things up a notch instead of just being slow and calming. If you want to find out how that works and whether you can use it to spice up your day, read on.

What Is HIIT :

If you have hit the gym or scrolled through workout videos in the hopes that you will get inspired enough to work on your body, chances are you may have heard of HIIT. It basically stands for High Intensity Interval Training. That means it pushes your entire body to get it to break a sweat enough for you to get into shape as soon as possible. The main points it tries to limit it’s focus on is efficiency and effectiveness as it is hard not to see blatant results when you push your body to the max. When it comes to regular workouts this may not be such a huge mystery that needs to be unveiled so people can ooh and aah over it. Workouts usually do involve some highly intense cardio sessions and movements that leave your body sore for days on end. The real question lies in what HIIT yoga is and how can yoga be so fast-paced?

Is HIIT Yoga An Actual Thing:

The answer is very clearly yes as HIIT yoga may not have achieved the extent of popularity that the regular kind has but it is certainly worth a shot. This is especially great for those people who live to do yoga but want to speed things up so they can get their body in shape sooner. They may want to have more of a focus on mobility and movement, which can be achieved without a doubt once they get used to HIIT yoga. Agility and speed can be incorporated to basic yoga exercises in a way that you shed a few pounds and keep yourself healthy and fit. The fact that yoga works wonders for muscle endurance means their combined efforts will most likely provide you consistent results as long as you keep it up. There happen to be several benefits involved that just may convince you to take the leap.

Benefits Of HIIT Yoga:

Yoga naturally comes with its own fair share of benefits but when you add some hardcore movement to it, they seem even more endless. If yoga itself appeals to you yet you feel like getting more out of it, try HIIT yoga to kickstart your day a whole lot better.

Healthy Bones:

If you thought it was only the muscles that were getting the main focus on these regimes, you were absolutely wrong. Even your bones will end up singing praises for your new and improved lifestyle once you go for it. With infamously complicated exercises like handstands and headstands you can truly strengthen your bones. This is not just meant to keep you fit and healthy but will even have its own fair share of practical benefits that you can take advantage of. Say you go out to do the groceries alone and there is an annoyingly huge number of bags to carry laden with heavy edibles. That is a dilemma you will have to confront all on your own. Either you can make a few trips and possibly waste some time or your significant arm strength can spare you the pain and let you carry them all in one go. Is that handy or what?

Minimal Joint Injuries:

You may have noticed a shocking number of athletes even losing track of their entire careers when they get an injury. They are required to keep moving and stay in perfect shape so they can execute the sports that they are good at with brilliant perfection. They need to provide a show worth watching. This goes to show that such injuries need to be taken very seriously and they can definitely result when you push yourself too hard and your body ends up taking the brunt of it. When it comes to regular gym sessions and HIIT workouts there is always a chance that your joints or knee for instance may start to complain due to an overexertion or pressure causing an injury. The perks of HIIT yoga is that these worries are present on a minimal level. The very first benefit of yoga is that it aims to tone your muscles that itself can make them resist to such issues well. Yoga exercises are well-known for the flexibility they instil in a body that can let you adjust to a variety of exercises without twisting something too hard.

Shot Of Energy:

HIIT exercises come with their own brand of extreme energy. Just a few minutes of these can have your breath coming out in pants and your body feeling like a shot of energy is buzzing through it. If you want something to energise you first thing in the morning so you feel pumped enough to zip through your work faster than the Flash, HIIT yoga is the perfect way to start your day. The best part is that you will not only be hit with the sort of energy that you might get out of just about any normal workout. You will also have a dash of mindfulness and peace coursing through you as that is the core of what yoga is and strives to promote. The perfect combination of positivity and strength can ensure that you may never have to regret incorporating this into your daily routine.

Healthy Heart:

We already established the fact that any pains and aches hurting your joints can be kissed goodbye due to HIIT yoga but that is not where it ends. The amazing dash of energy can even improve the health of your heart that can be beneficial for you in the long run. It is common knowledge that such high intensity workouts are ideal for keeping your heart healthy and in good condition. Since heart diseases are becoming increasingly common day by day it is something that most people should take seriously and work to prevent beforehand. When you have so much movement pumping your body up, your heart rate is bound to get faster and to maintain the balance the yoga aspect will calm it down as well. Having your heart in optimal condition is vital and can be achieved easily enough using a combination of HIIT and yoga.

Burning Fat:

People mostly opt for exercise to burn any excess fat that they might be feeling insecure about. Having junk food from time to time and indulging in the edible pleasures of life is pretty common and delicious treats should be allowed every now and then. However, if you overindulge and end up with extra fat you may feel compelled to burn off the calories and get the kind of body that can help you exude confidence even though all bodies are beautiful. Despite that if you want to gain a dash of strength and confidence while also staying as fit as ever, HIIT yoga can help you achieve all such body goals. You can feel positivity and self-love every single time you spare a glance at yourself in the mirror instead of feeling negative because you could be doing more.

No Equipment Required:

One of the hassles of working out is that you need to hit the gym. Having a gym at home is not possible for everyone and spending money on getting the equipment might end up being necessary if you want to be serious about it. However, the best part about HIIT yoga is that you do not need any sort of equipment to keep yourself going. No dumbbells or heavy machines are needed to make sure that you stay in shape and feel positive about your body all day long. You can save on some money of your own by not having to spend big bucks on them and if it is not convenient for you to visit a yoga studio you can even do it at home all by yourself.


HIIT yoga can truly be the answer to a great number of worries that might be plaguing you. Whether you are worried about excess fat, lack of strength and flexibility, or having little to no peace of mind these exercises can help you achieve it all. A good, healthy lifestyle should be mandatory for every single person if they want to lead a life brimming with positivity. That should be the ultimate goal so that no matter what challenges or problems come their way, they can have their weapons at the ready to battle it all.