Why You Should Opt For The Happy Baby Yoga Pose

Yoga has started to become increasingly famous for the numerous benefits it tends to provide. There is a myriad of impressive reasons for people turning to it more and more by the day. One of them would have to be the fact that life can sometimes feel like it is made up of stressors and problems. Though that may not entirely be the case, the negativity could be so profound, we may forget about the positive aspects entirely for a while.

Certain activities can act as a tether to keep reminding us of the beauty that continues to exist in the world and even around us. Yoga happens to be one of those activities so it comes as no surprise that with the heightened tensions in the modern world, a lot of people are looking towards it for some extra guidance and much-needed anchoring.

Why You Should Learn Different Yoga Poses:

Yoga is composed of far more components than you may be aware of. It is not just breathing in and out calmly as you switch between various Asanas. All the different factors contribute individually to maintain an internal balance that can help you keep away from succumbing to the external chaos. Various yoga poses also do their part to introduce a dash of positivity and peace of mind if you have been facing troublesome situations that continue to reside in your mind tenaciously. Of course, as per their reputation, they will definitely help you feel cleansed on the inside and make all your problems seem fairly tolerable. It does not, however, only end with the mental and spiritual aspects. It also extends to the physical as well if you choose to give it a chance. It is natural to have body aches and pains that make you curse the world sometimes. You cannot always keep opting for medication to keep you intact. Yoga is a purely natural way of ensuring that those pains can stop bothering you and let you live a peaceful life. Various poses target different spots and help you to deal with the pain by lessening it.

What Is The Happy Baby Yoga Pose:

If you are completely new to this there are chances that your first thought might be “I’m not pregnant and neither do I have a baby. What use is this for me?” Well lucky for you, this pose is not necessarily limited to pregnant women and certainly not to babies. The happy baby yoga pose is also known as Ananda Balasana which is a much more complex way of saying it in Sanskrit. However, just as all yoga poses come with their own set of benefits and reasons why people opt for them so does the happy baby yoga pose and we can help you see why you too should opt for it.

The Undeniable Benefits Of Happy Baby Yoga Pose:

It is clear that this pose comes with an impressive set of health benefits that just cannot be denied. This should especially be tried at a certain age as you get older when you start to notice odd, spontaneous pains making themselves known in your body as it will help to relieve them. You can also get into the happy baby yoga pose before any such problems arise so that you can have your preventative measures locked and in position so the pains do not even get a chance to show up. One of its infinite number of benefits is the fact that your back pain will get eased up for sure. It is especially effective when it comes to the lower back so if you do face such a problem, keep this pose in mind. If you are worried about your lower body and want it to be flexible and have increased strength you can once again opt for this as it is meant to stretch your hamstrings. Not only that, but it will also be a hip-opener for you and have a significant impact on your groin as well as your inner thighs. As the spine should always be kept straight and long, it will help to improve your posture and soothe it.

It is not just your physical body pains and aches that will be soothed but also your mind. After all, we simply cannot have a yoga pose without it providing some calming effects that make you want to release a deep sigh of relaxation right? Happy baby yoga pose can be wonderful to perform especially on a tiring day when you feel extremely weary. Let’s assume that your boss simply piles the work on and you are deadbeat yet need to walk all the way home because there is no taxi available. You may feel cranky and irate. The world may seem like it has wronged you. Doing this pose can lessen your understandable fatigue and calm your brain as well.

How To Do The Happy Baby Yoga Pose:

Getting into position for the happy baby yoga pose and executing it is not hard at all. If you are truly serious about wanting to give it a go, you should be happy to know that the lack of effort means that you can do it all on your own without even having to look at a tutorial. Here are the steps listed that you can go through to know how you can position yourself the right way to get the kind of results that you are after.

Step 1:

The very first step is, as always, the easiest. Start off by having your yoga mat placed on the floor and proceed to lie down completely straight on your back. Slowly lift your legs up while bending your knees towards the chest so your feet are at a level where you can touch your pinky toe easily enough. This will create the initial stretch that your body and mind probably require.

Step 2:

The second step will require you to have your shins positioned in a way that they are directly perpendicular to the floor. This can be achieved by stacking the ankles over the knees. Gentle movements should be used to tug the feet and pull them down a little so your knees can be in closer proximity to your armpits. Just try to ensure that your tailbone is perfectly lengthened and that your lower back is not forced into an odd curve. Rather, it is positioned the way it naturally should be to relieve any pain plaguing you in that spot. Once you are done with that, also be sure that you draw your shoulders towards the back.

Step 3:

If it is not exactly your lower back that you are focused at but your groin and lower body areas, you can provide some additional touches for some extra reach. This can involve you slowly and consistently rocking from one side to another and keeping it up for a while so your groin can really feel it. Ensure that you keep breathing deeply the whole time so that you can feel your body and mind getting eased up bit by bit. Once the time is over do not rush to get back to the original position. It is always important to have slow and steady movements when it comes to yoga, which is also advisable when it comes to this.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind:

There are times when certain yoga poses can be pretty uncomfortable especially if you need to lie down to get to the ideal position. You cannot help the position itself but what you can do is place a low pillow or fold a blanket to place it under your neck to cushion it. This way the discomfort can be minimized and you can have a comfortable yoga session as you get yourself into the happy baby yoga pose. If you are heavily pregnant it may not be good to stretch yourself out to the maximum extent as it may cause you extreme discomfort. Your stomach might also get in the way and hinder you from doing the happy baby yoga pose correctly. Other than that, you must also be extremely careful if you have had some kind of knee injury in the past. This just may give a rise to your problems, as your knees will definitely get strained to an extent in this pose.


The happy baby yoga pose is one of the most ideal poses especially when it comes to persistent backaches that just refuse to be banished no matter how hard you try. A lot of people need yoga poses for their lower body such as the hamstrings, groin, or inner thighs. They may want a hip-opener set of exercises or those that give a toned look and shape to their lower body. Lucky for you, this look can definitely be achieved if you learn how to master this pose perfectly. Just remember to relax and keep breathing slowly.