All About Breathe Yoga

Stress creates a nook for itself in just about everyone’s life at some point or another. No matter what situations you are in or what kind of life you lead it will pave a path towards you. We can agree that it is a common occurrence for everyone that simply shows up in different ways. However, the real question is how are you dealing with it? This is the part that differs for a whole lot of people. Some people go down the destructive route and succumb to their dark side. When stress comes knocking on their door they hide away in the shadowy corners of their mind. This can lead to further anxiety and depression that shows just how effective it is and how much it has the potential to ruin your life even more. There is, however, a second option as well. This is the constructive route that you can take with the help of several activities and one of them is through breathe yoga.

What Is Breathe Yoga:

You may be all too familiar with yoga on a general level but clueless about the different aspects that complete the picture. One of them happens to be breathe yoga or Pranayama. What you must do here as per the name is regulate your breath so it comes out in a controlled manner instead of the random way your chest might be moving currently. It certainly takes time and proper practice to level up from being a beginner and climb all the way to the expert rung if you want to master it. It can be practiced on its own to bring about the desired effect or even paired with Asanas. It would require you to regulate your breathing in a way that it is synchronized with the movements the Asanas will require you to do. If you ever feel extremely low in the dumps you can also give breathe yoga a shot to try and get back to a calmer state.

How Does It Help Lower Stress:

Breathe yoga is known to be pretty effective when it comes to battling with stress and anxiety. Often, it is all these stressors or anxiety-inducing events that start to hit us deeply. This may create a change in our breathing patterns by making our breaths come out shallower or too rapid. It ensures that the negative energy created inside us due to the problems bearing down on us remains there to taint us on the inside and plague every single thought. That is not something you should allow to happen if there is a way that you can regain control of it and hence yourself. This is where breathe yoga comes in by creating an internal balance in the life energy in your system and essentially purifying it. The benefits of this form of yoga are endless especially when the internal balance of the body is considered.

The Benefits Of Breathe Yoga:

The ultimate goal of Pranayama is to calm your nervous system down which eventually contributes to lowering stress as well. You may still see the hits coming towards you but you will be much better equipped to handle them when they do. Even science offers some support for using this method and the benefits that it provides. As breathing requires you to take in oxygen, more oxygen might travel to your brain and nerves, essentially calming them down. Turbulent emotional states that are all over the place in a chaotic frenzy tend to promote harsh or uneven breathing. Managing to control your breathing can help your body and mind both loosen up a little, allowing you to feel more at ease. Even if you do not want to put in too much effort and simply close your eyes and focus on every breath you take in and release, that too can help you feel a tad bit better. This can help you stay in the moment and focus on the present instead of what has happened and what will happen. Achieving this means achieving mindfulness.

Hypertension can be a pretty concerning factor among those who do not have a grip on their emotions. Their blood pressure may shoot up instantly or have a downfall. Either way, it is not healthy for the body in the least. Breathe yoga can help to keep this under control by letting you manage your stress levels. This will, of course, help you sleep better as well as your mind will not succumb to chaos. The increased level of oxygen to the brain has also been suspected of significantly improving brain functions and cognitive performance. This can go on to improve your memory while also adding to the reasoning skills and even giving rise to cognitive flexibility. With such numerous benefits making breathe yoga an ideal option it seems worthy of trying out. If you want to know about some exercises we can give you a basic rundown to get you started.

Ujjayi Pranayama:

Ujjayi Pranayama is a kind of breathe yoga that also accompanies Asanas from time to time. You can try it with the Asana or even without it for around 10 to 15 minutes every single day for the best results. Since this form of yoga is all about creating a place of comfort and serenity it is better to find such a nook before you dive right into the actual technique. Then you must focus on your body’s posture and ensure that your spine is as straight as a rod. Keep this spine firm and straight as you inhale as much air as you possibly can and release it through your nostrils after constricting it a little at the back of your throat. This is a pretty helpful technique when it comes to purifying your internal energy and allowing you to feel lighter as if no problem is permanent and that you have the strength to deal with it all.

Nadhi Sodhana:

Nadhi Sodhana is another method of ensuring that both your body and mind reside in their ideal states rather than succumbing to darkness and chaos. If you have problems having uninterrupted and peaceful sleep at night, you should consider this breathing exercise to help calm your mind long enough to let you sleep well. You have the choice of either lying down or sitting while you work on this exercise. There is no limitation when it comes to this one as you can do it anytime you want. If you ever feel like anxiety will not cease to batter you down you can opt for this route. What you must do is first seal your left nostril with your thumb. Breathe in deeply and when you do, cut off the right nostril by pressing down on it too. When it comes time to release the air from your lungs free only your left nostril before you start with the inhalation process all over again. This can truly help you feel more at ease.

Bhramari Pranayama:

Bhramari itself translates to ‘large bee’. This is most likely because the sound that is going to result due to the practice that is similar to the buzzing that a bee makes. If you do not feel comfortable being loud around others find yourself a quiet, isolated corner first before you begin. This exercise is especially known to be pretty good for the kinds of people who lead hectic lives and are busy around the clock. However, the louder it is the more effective it is when it comes to this particular technique. First, you must inhale deeply using both your nostrils after which you must exhale in a way that the buzzing sound of a bee emanates from you. Continue to repeat it a few times while also taking brief pauses between them if you must.

Sahita Pranayama:

This form of exercise creates more of an emphasis on stillness and how it can help you achieve the desired results that you want. It is one of the most natural breathing exercises when it comes to Pranayama and requires no force needed to maintain that brief stillness. Keep your mind focused when you inhale the way you normally might and hold it in. Take note that you cannot force your body to maintain the stillness by holding it in even when you feel uncomfortable. Just do it till you can naturally and then exhale while thriving in the stillness. This is one of the most basic breathing exercises you can do to maintain an internal balance in your body.

Breathe Yoga – Conclusion

Breathe yoga or Pranayama is the perfect way to calm both your mind and body down when infinite hassles continue to aim their hits on you. Always try to walk on the constructive path rather than the destructive, as it can have both short-term and long-term benefits. Do not let yourself be crushed under the seemingly endless burdens of life by practicing these exercises on a daily basis and purifying your internal system.