Can Aquatic Yoga Be The Breath Of Fresh Air You Need?

The newest trend that is on the rise these days is to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Though a lot of trends you may see working their magic these days tend to be questionable to say the least, this one certainly has its perks. Maintaining a balanced diet, doing mindfulness exercises, and having a consistent workout routine are all necessary parts of keeping yourself in tip-top shape while basking in a positive hue. Health is all good and well but what if you start to get bored after a while? You may know how important it is to keep it going but at the same time need additional motivation that not even the most hyped up motivational videos can provide. When that happens you know it’s time to switch things up a little bit and one of the ways you can do that is through aquatic yoga.

What Is Aquatic Yoga:

The term might come off as a bit unfamiliar to you and for a very good reason. Doing yoga exercises in the confines of your living room or yoga studio might be great but can seem meh after a while if you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Imagine the amount of fun you could have immersed in cool water with the hot, burning sun above you as you work through all the Asanas. You could even get a couple of your buddies to join in so you can indulge in a dash of excitement while also getting your body in shape along with getting the peace and positivity your mind needs. There is truly no better way to spend a lazy afternoon or to enjoy a crisp morning while giving yourself what you deserve. Aquatic yoga obviously comes with it’s own set of benefits and exercises that you can do in the water. Read on to get in-depth information of just how it all works so you can get started as soon as possible.

Where Can You Opt For Aquatic Yoga:

If you have your very own pool it could make things a whole lot easier for you. You would not even need to step foot outside your gate to have to indulge in this fun activity. This way you might even be able to tempt some of your family members to join in and partake in the healthy exercise while being guaranteed complete privacy. If that is not the case for you, just opt for a public pool somewhere instead where your friends can tag along with you. If you want a more natural setting and you have a lakeside house that could really get things going for you. Being surrounded by nature as you are immersed in a lake with the birds chirping nearby and the wind whispering through the trees can be the exact motivation you need to keep going strong every day.

How Is Aquatic Yoga Different From Normal Yoga:

Just because you have spent your days trying out various Asanas on land and have had your fair share of experience in no way means that it will play out the same way in the water. Aquatic yoga demands a greater level of balance that you may not need as much while stepping onto the solid, dependable floor. Water clearly does not follow the same rules as the regular version does. You may feel lighter and more off-balance once you step foot inside a pool. Lifting your legs and arms may feel a whole lot more easier especially if you are attempting to do a headstand or a handstand. However exercises that require you to stay upright the opposite way do not fare as well as the rest. For this, you will have to start off slow and easy. Attempt some of the simpler exercises and find your balance before you can revert back to your complex poses.

What Makes Aquatic Yoga An Option Worth Considering:

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of aquatic yoga might have to be the balance that you will have to find and maintain while being immersed in the water. That is not where the list ends. This is especially good for people who complain about consistent pains in their joints and other body parts. When it comes to normal yoga you may find some random pains in your body especially in the beginning as it adjusts to the stretches and newfound flexibility that the exercises try to instil. The case is not as bad when it comes to water where you can feel much lighter as you attempt to do the poses. A lot of the pressure will be lifted off you, letting your body feel more at ease as it tries to get in shape. Let’s say you try to do a handstand on land. Your arms will need significant strength to be able to take on the weight of your entire body. However, doing the same exercise when surrounded by water will let your arms feel less of the actual weight of your body, resulting in a much quicker way of you learning to adjust to it.

Since your body also feels more relaxed in that environment, it may be able to stretch more than it normally might have which is just an added bonus. If you opt for it in a more natural setting, the gentle lapping of water can truly be soothing in a distinctive way. You may feel one not only with yourself but also with your surroundings which can create a greater awareness of the beauty lying dormant in the world, just waiting to be recognised. Also, if you happen to tumble and fall over you will not end up with a couple of nasty bruises marking your body. All it will result in is minor disorientation and possibly even the drive to do better the next time around. With so many reasons proving just why aquatic yoga is an activity worth considering, you should probably give it some serious thought if you want to stay fit and positive.

Equipment You Should Have On Hand:

Since we have already ascertained that this form of yoga is unique in its own way, it is also clear that the equipment needed for it must be unique too. You cannot use your regular dumbbells and yoga mats underwater so what should you go for? There happen to be special aquatic dumbbells that can solve this problem for you. When you spare them a glance they may not look a whole lot different but once you pick them up you will notice just how light they are. That makes them perfect to be used underwater as there happens to be a whole lot more resistance down there than what you might find in the air we reside among. You can find these in a range of exciting shapes and sizes that just might add a pop of colour to your aquatic yoga routine. You can even find aquatic yoga mats to your taste if you want to go a step ahead. These will not settle down on the floor of the pool or start to sink to the bottom. The fact that they are inflatable means that they will be floating on the surface the entire time. This is perfect to increase your struggle to find balance and coordination and will help you find your footing while opting for this fun and complex yoga.

Some Safety Tips To Keep In Mind:

If you are just starting out as a beginner do not go for the sitting Asanas immediately. It is better that you try out the standing Asanas first and get used to them before moving on to the next stage. Stay within shallow water that does not reach higher than your chest. It is always advisable to have an instructor or someone fairly trained to keep an eye out and help you with the poses in the beginning. You should know how to swim if you want to increase the intensity and move along to the deeper end as balance is hard to maintain and you may topple off the yoga mat and into the water. You should never compromise when it comes to your safety and always follow the safety procedures that your instructor sets in place as they know what to expect.


Aquatic yoga has never been or sounded more fun. There are endless possibilities concerning this and you can take advantage of every single one of them if you decide to go for it. Find a new sort of strength, resistance, and coordination within your mind and body as you delve deep into the peace and calm offered up by this form of yoga. The soothing and gentle lapping of the water as you slowly move around while switching between various Asanas is enough to calm just about anyone. Achieving mindfulness has never been easier.