Acroyoga for Beginners Poses

Acroyoga mergers acrobatic moves with yoga sensibility. More and more yogis are gaining interest in this yoga. Studios such as Om Factory, Body & Pole, and Yoga Vida are offering specific classes dedicated fully to Acroyoga. By visiting these classes you will learn more about this yoga and some poses directed to improve body balance. Acroyoga for beginners has been existing since the late ’90s. Practitioners used it to build trust, connect the minds of others, and exploring their practices interestingly and uniquely.

To perform this yoga you should be in a pair. One individual will form the base as he or she supports the other partner by bearing his or her body weight. All you need to do is ensuring balance. Are you a yoga enthusiast and attracted to try Acroyoga? In this article, you will learn about yoga poses that are suitable as you introduce yourself in this acrobatic-like yoga. You have to understand the specific challenges that you might face as well. Use a spotter to ensure more balance to avoid injuries. Try these new poses and have fun as you cool down your spirits.

  1. Plank on Plank

This is a good Acroyoga for beginners pose. It will aid you in familiarizing yourself with your fellow yogi as you build core and gain more arm strength.


Move your base into Plank Pose with your arms straight. Ensure that your core is engaged and stack the shoulders over your wrists. Firmly press your palms on the ground spreading out your fingers.

The flyer (partner above the ground) should then bring his or her hands to the base of calves or ankles grabbing them. He or she should then bring the feet into the opposite shoulders. The flyer can either hook the feet on the shoulders base. In the case of a taller flyer, legs can be extended to pass the shoulders. The whole idea here is attaining maximum balance.

  1. Plank Press

This is another good Acroyoga introductory pose. The best thing with it is that makes the base gain more strength by supporting the flyer. It is good in building trust among two partners.


The base should lie on his or her back with each foot on the ground and bent knees. The flyer stands at the feet of the base while fronting the base. The base lifts his feet slowly of the ground pressing them into the hips of the flyer while extending the arms upwards. The flyer stands tall engaging arms and core to form a T shape.

The base then bends the knees towards the chest as the flyer leans forward. This makes the base master’s support. The flyer should be firm at this time keeping straight his or her stance. Do this several times to gain support on each other’s weight.

  1. Folded Leaf

Folded leaf allows the flyer to lift off from the ground. This pose gives a sensation that is suitable for building trust and establishing familiarity.


You can achieve this pose through the Plank Press. Begin with the feet of the base pressing the hips of the flyer. The flyer reaches forward to grab the hands of the base. The arms of the two need to be straight.

The base bends his knees towards the chest while the flyer is pressing into the ground. The base then extends his legs up as the flying partner lifts off. Both need to hold hands for supporting the flyer need to engage her core while straightening the legs.

  1. Partner Forward Folds

This is a good Acroyoga for beginners providing both partners with an opportunity to stretch their hamstring and back.


It involves the base and the flyer standing back-to-back to each other. Both feet should be spread wider apart. They then hook their elbows together. The elbows of the base should be underneath.

The base then leans forward ensuring a straight back. The flyer sets off the ground. The base needs to keep his torso at the same level as the hip. The flyer might bend her knees towards the chest or straightening up to the sky. A wide overlap stretch is another thing the flyer could do.

  1. Fish on the Rock

This Acroyoga is more of a restorative pose. It is helpful for both partners in opening up their back and hips.


The base moves into a Child’s Pose extending the hands in front. He should then spread his knees wide resting the forehead on the ground. The flyer then lies on the base’s back on her back. Both backs should form a deep and nice stretch over each other. The flyer may surrender to this pose by letting loose their arms as the legs extend wide.

Reasons You Should Practice AcroYoga for Beginners

There are several reasons ways you should try this playful and creative type of yoga. Here are some of the ways Acroyoga will benefit your plus your yogi peers and partners.

  • Improving your concentration

To develop a good relationship with your partners, you should be able to maintain presence consciously with no distraction. This is what you will learn from this creative yoga. Your safety as well as that of your partner rely on your willingness and ability to read your partner’s verbal, visual, and physical cues with no discussion.

  • It will encourage you to strengthen your core

It can be challenging to engage your core muscles when practicing yoga alone. The best thing with Acroyoga is that it ensures your entire body is actively engaged. With the different planes of points and motions, you will engage your body in, you will have to rely on your cores as the gravitational center. By floating you will trigger your core muscles to be stronger.

  • Helps in Building Relationships

Creating a unifying bond between each other leads to self-love, increase empathy, and respecting the boundaries of each other. Intuitive communication helps in enhancing stronger relationships.

  • Helps you in confronting conflicts in a calm way

Tension rises in relationships from time to time. As much as we try to ignore the fact that this can ruin a relationship, it slowly leads to needless arguments that may further destroy your relationship with other people. With Acroyoga, you will learn the benefits of opposing forces (that is pushing and pulling) you can gain power via counterbalance. This gives you a wide range of opinions and peaceful resolutions.

  • Helps you in making decisions quicker

Acroyoga helps you attain self-control without bothering yourself with external conditions and circumstances. This is because you will continue engaging in the practice despite the dangers that might occur by falling off. You will learn how to control yourself skillfully to adapt to any changes no matter the rising tension. You will also beware of the ways of maintaining your calmness and not losing yourself anyhow. You will gain a lot and be able to persevere without any attachment to the expected results.

In case you want to do anything let us say taking a flight, Acroyoga may first direct you by appealing to your spirits. The responsibility of working together with your partner will direct you in making any decisions first the safety of both of you as you explore different territories together.

  • Overcoming your fear

No matter how high you might go climbing upwards, the challenge comes when it is time to get down. The best thing with practicing Acroyoga is that you will learn how to go against gravity charmingly through mindfulness.

Apart from getting support through the hands and legs of your partner, you will gain a helpful lesson. Although you might not panic with the support, you determine that a good landing is as important as the powerful liftoffs. With this, you will be able to handle fear.

  • You will learn how to surrender

How often in your day-to-day activities do you pause to be grateful for the life you are living? The more you gain awareness, you will learn how appreciating even smaller things plays a role in shaping your life. You need to spend your life-giving, providing, and offering acts of a kind to humanity. You cannot complete Acroyoga without the help of a partner. You will learn the art of not taking whole responsibilities on your own.

In this life, giving and receiving goes hand in hand. This is why you should surrender yourself sometimes. You will learn this through yoga as well. The assistant you provide to each other either by hand or leg might mean a lot than the physical support. It indicates giving and receiving while the slow motions you make when switching different poses show gratitude.

Conclusion acroyoga for beginners

Yoga helps a lot in physical and mental health. Another thing is that it is key in the journey of awareness. How do you feel when feeding your mind directly with positive energy? If you want to enjoy life, you should balance both the mind, body, and soul. Acroyoga helps you recognize the support available in the universe as well as strengthening your muscles. There are several Acroyoga for beginners that are easy to practice. All you need is a partner and enjoy this holistic move.