Why A 3-Week Yoga Retreat Is Just What You Need

Yoga is known to have an impressive number of benefits that simply cannot be denied or turned away from. The various poses that your body is supposed to adhere to are designed in a way that promotes positivity and peace of mind while also keeping it fit and healthy. However, not everyone thinks that it is their cup of tea. They believe that their lives are far too busy to have to put up with yoga too on top of it all. This then leads to them pushing it far away and focusing on what tops the list for them when it comes to the list of priorities. Not even the impressive list of benefits is enough to sway them at that point. However, there comes a time when life becomes so stressful that there becomes absolutely no choice but to turn to it. Times like these you know you need a 3-week yoga retreat.

When You Need A 3-Week Yoga Retreat:

Life does not always consistently stay full of sunshine and rainbows. Change is a constant and that change may not always be pleasant as it aims brutal blows on you. There may come a time when all the reasons that made you disregard yoga turn into reasons that make you eye it desperately instead. Let’s say that your boss is not satisfied with your work and continues to leave his throat raw by yelling at you about all your failures every single day. Your family is unhappy that you dedicate so much time working so your boss can finally like the work that you have lessened your visits towards them. This makes them shower you with taunts every time you go. Your friends may think you are acting like a stuck up snob and making excuses to not meet rather than genuinely being occupied throughout the day. Everything feels so chaotic and frustrating you just want to give it all up and start anew. Thankfully, there is a way for you to do that and that is through a 3-week yoga retreat.

How Can It Help:

The essential purpose of a 3-week yoga retreat is to calm you down internally so it can reflect externally as well. It will slowly get you comfortable with the idea of yoga and opening up yourself to the numerous ways that it can help you out. This can be done through the creation of an internal balance that can help you resolve your issues in a much more constructive way. It is meant to be the first step that can further lead to additional progress when it comes to yoga. A lot of people start looking at the twisting poses and freak out at the thought of looking like a pretzel. They think that there is no way at all that they can manage something of the sort. A 3-week yoga retreat is meant to prep them up by teaching them the absolute basics so they can slowly build their way up to the more advanced poses. It is natural to feel uncomfortable doing something among other people when you are completely new and think you are no good at it. This retreat can help you build up that confidence so you can know exactly where you stand. It will help you in the long-term as well if you decide to continue doing yoga every single day. No matter how much life continues to aim hits at you, you will get better at managing your emotions and how you respond to such blows. Life can be much easier to handle when you know where you stand and that you can take on and every problem that comes your way. If you do not know where to get started at all here are some basic yoga poses that you can start with so you can build up to that point.

1. Mountain Pose:

If you want to start with the absolute basics the very best pose to initiate is the mountain pose. To a person who does not have a lot of experience with yoga, it might seem like simply standing up straight and doing nothing at all. How can yoga possibly be this simple? Surprise, surprise because it actually is. Mountain pose is not just standing up firmly. It happens to have the internal aspects that make it a great deal more effective than it actually looks. What it essentially helps you do is be more grounded and feel one with the Earth around you. Do not underestimate it merely because of its simplicity. You must have your feet together as you stand firmly with your draw your abdomen in and feel your shoulders getting pressed down. Breathe deeply as your hands face towards you and your head is drawn towards the ceiling.

2. Chair Pose:

This yoga pose is pretty effective especially if you want to increase your strength in the arms and legs. What you must start off with is bending your knees with your spine being long the entire time. Stretch your arms up but make sure that they remain entirely straight as you reach forward. As you stay in this pose for a while ensure that you inhale and exhale deeply and slowly so you can feel the positive energy coursing through your body, energizing you. It is a good way of helping yourself feel rejuvenated. If you need the willpower to be able to face the challenges that might come your way this pose can help you build it up and be determined enough to battle them all.

3. Downward Facing Dog:

One of the simplest exercises you can expect at a 3-week yoga retreat is the downward-facing dog that happens to be pretty common among people. Your entire body feels like it is being stretched and strengthened as you go for this one. Though the pose may look a little complicated to those who view it for the first time it is actually not that tough once you take your shot at it. You can first start off simple and work your way to the actual pose by having your palms on the floor under your shoulders and your knees right under the hips. Slowly start to raise your hips up and a bit backward as your arms are stretched straight in front of you. The inner elbows should be turned towards each other as your legs remain straight and your hips are pushed out. You can initially try to hold this for a few seconds before you slowly revert back to your original position. It is as simple as that.

4. Warrior Pose:

If you want to feel like a warrior and fight any evil problems ready to ruin your life you must first pose like a warrior too. This though may look and appear to be fairly basic the effect that it is meant to have is enough to get your spirits lifted all over again. If you want to have a confidence boost while giving rise to the strength that already exists inside you and merely needs to be tapped into go for this exercise in particular. There is not just one warrior pose that you can make use of to feel like yourself again though we will only focus on one of them. Your lower body can start to build its core strength while also increasing stamina as you take a step back. Make sure that there is a significant amount of distance between your front foot and the back one but enough that you can maintain a balance. Place the back foot in a way that it is at an angle of 75 degrees. Make sure that your back is straight as you raise your arms above your head and lift your chest.

5. Child’s Pose:

Child’s pose is meant to relax your body to a certain degree. Whether you are just starting out with yoga or do it on a daily basis everyone needs a breather and they can get that using this one. Whenever you feel stress or anxiety weighing you down or weariness making you feel uncomfortable you should try to relax through this position. You can start off by kneeling on all fours with your palms and knees on the floor. Then you must push your body back slowly as you allow it to stretch. Your arms should be placed straight on the floor in front of you as you bow your head and let your hips get pushed back.


Sometimes when life seems really messed up a 3-week yoga retreat can really get you going and feeling more energized. No problem can plague you for too long as you allow your body to stretch and get the strength it needs while your mind is focused on embracing a semblance of peace. Things can appear to be a whole lot more manageable as you work on yourself constructively through yoga.